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Are you ready to reach your beauty and style potential?? You can move forward in your present career with the right look.? If you want to be successful, you must look the part.? You will be amazed by the transformation of your appearance as you learn and apply a few simple beauty tips, by completing a quick and simple color analysis.

A color analysis will help you understand which colors are right for you.? During a color analysis, your eye color, hair color, and skin tone are evaluated to determine the best and worst colors for you.? The?right?colors can highlight your eyes, skin, and hair, making them radiate.? It’s vital to?draw attention to and accentuate your good features, such as your eyes and the bone structure of your face. At the same time, it is just as important to reduce the appearance of your imperfections.? Using the proper colors and shades of make-up can cause your imperfections to go unnoticed.? Using the right colors of make-up and wearing the right colors of clothing will make you look bright and alert.? On the other hand, using the wrong colors of make-up or wearing the wrong colors of clothing, can actually draw attention to your imperfections, such as dark circles under the eyes, or uneven skin tone, causing your face to fade into the background.? A color analysis can be completed with just a few simple steps and will dramatically change the way you shop for make-up and clothing.

Whether you are looking to excel in your current career, or begin a business of your own,?ByFerial?can be of service to you.??ByFerial?is an internationally renowned image consultant training organization, specializing in helping you achieve your greatest style possibilities.??ByFerial?gives you the experience, flexibility, and personal attention that you need to become a true success.? If you are eager for a?make over?and want to learn more about make-up, color analysis, fashion and style, hairstyles, and wardrobe organization, contact an image consultant at?ByFerial.? And, if you want to go one step further, and begin your own business as an Image Consultant,?ByFerial?offers training, through seminars, presentations, and workshops.? The more you learn, and see the dramatic difference image consultants can make, the more you want to learn and apply your new found knowledge.? Discover the new you today.

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