You don’t need to be genius to understand the 4X4 color System

4x4 Color System and Image Consultant Training

Most color consultants are bad at their jobs. The field is full of people who declare themselves experts after reading a book or two. However, without proper training, they’re just fumbling in the dark — and they don’t even realize it.!

Without real color consultation skills, these “professionals” give the entire industry a bad reputation. Unfortunately, the victims of untrained color consultants often come to believe the entire field is a sham.

Ferial Youakim is a genuine master of color consultancy. She spent years studying, learning, and developing her skills to the highest level of expertise. Youakim has applied that expertise to create The Universal 4×4 Color Analysis System — (16 Seasons) ®. This system breaks down the skill of color consulting into its simplest components, allowing anyone to learn quickly and effectively regardless of their starting point.

To create her color system, Ferial Youakim drew inspiration from some of the greatest minds in history. She refined insights from Newton and Munsell, pulling from both science and art while building the foundation for The Universal 4×4 Color Analysis System — (16 Seasons) ®. Because of its scientific basis, it’s the only system that works for every skin type.

At every step along the way, Youakim’s motivation came from a desire to help people understand the way color can change their lives. Aspiring color consultants around the world use her system to speed up their own learning and become masters in the field.

All great ideas attract imitators, and Youakim’s 16 season system is no exception. Some unscrupulous people even claim they invented it — but imitators inevitably fail to understand the system’s subtleties. That’s why they clam up when questioned.

What the imitators actually create is confusion. By haphazardly picking and choosing parts of the system, they water down its best features until it’s nearly unrecognizable.

Beginner color consultants and eager customers should do significant research before deciding who to trust. Without a careful selection process, it’s all too easy to choose a fraud who’s more skilled at marketing than color consulting.

Before someone picks a consultant, they should do the following:

1. Check the consultant’s qualifications and credentials.
2. Ask for three testimonials.
3. Ask what color system the consultant uses.

We invite aspiring color system experts to join forces with us instead of falling for hacks and fakes. When students learn the art and science behind the 16 season color system, they can discover its full potential.

Youakim’s system provides four easy steps for color coding anyone:

1. Determine the client’s HUE: Do they have cool or warm undertones?
2. Determine the client’s VALUE: Are they Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter?
3. Determine the client’s INTENSITY: Are they Bright, Pure, Tinted, Toned, or Shaded?
4. Determine the client’s PERSONALITY: What are their energy, movements, voice, and soul like?

As you can see, “you don’t need to be genius to understand the 4X4 color System”.  
Are the colors you’re wearing right for you? If you’re unsure, it’s time to find out. Join our Empower Global Group, and watch your personal and professional brand grow!

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!

Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!

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