Plan For Tomorrow, Live For Today

Business Strategies in the Image Consultant Business

Our last blog was all about your mission and your game plan as a female entrepreneur. Those keys to success help you plan for tomorrow and set yourself up for success. However, we can’t become so future-focused that we ignore our today. 

Start With Today 

As a female entrepreneur, your business centers around your passion. It’s this love of what you do that becomes your ultimate driving force behind positively influencing others, offering quality in all that you do, and inspiring motivation and curiosity within your industry. 

That passion offers you such excitement, but it can also be a detriment if it permanently places your business mindset in dream mode. 

Entrepreneurship all starts by embodying your vision. Turning a dream, wish, and hope into something tangible – a business, product, or service. The more solid and clear your dreams are, the better chance you have for your goals and business planning to be successful. 

Yet, while we want to dream big to go big, we also have to have that tethering factor to ground our business to today’s reality, not just allow it to soar into tomorrow’s possibilities. Why? 

Focusing only on those long-term goals, future what ifs, expansions, and so forth is much like putting horse blinders on. 

Without peripheral vision to see the world as it is in our current spot, we’re less likely to get spooked, but our field of vision becomes limited. We don’t see the opportunity and trouble standing right beside us because we are looking off into the distance for it. And, that lack of addressing the issues of today inevitably changes our outlook for tomorrow. 

What can you do? Plan for your future, but live in your current moment of time. 

Be a Today Person In Three Steps 

1. Be A Doer, Not Just A Dreamer 

Don’t put off to tomorrow what can be done today. Your business plan should have micro-goals and short-term goals that lead up to a long-term goal success. If you put off those smaller goals or allow them simply to accumulate in a long-term category, you’ll never reach those bigger goals! Everything from your pricing to delivery methods become wrong for today because they’re afloat for tomorrow or sinking in yesterday. 

2. Remember How You Got To Today 

Don’t forget what you did yesterday to get to today. It’s those stepping stones that are the learning blocks to help tomorrow become easier than today. Learn from every move, every decision you make. 

3. Be Mindful 

Always be mindful so that you can be aware. Mindfulness helps remove the doubts, questions, expectations, and obstacles within your mindset so that you can assess your current moment of time and the environment it’s within. It helps you realize that you can’t keep doing the same things and expect the results to be different. After all, what good is tomorrow’s plan if the place you’re in right now isn’t conducive to survive until that tomorrow? Pivot for ingenuity and happiness. Embrace change as it comes. 

Seize Today As Your Own 

In closing, dreams are beautiful, and passion is impossible to fulfill without thinking of it in terms of possibility. 

However, just as we must plan for the future weeds, growth and development, and additions and subtractions as we create a beautiful garden, we must also be prepared to water and feed the garden on each today if we hope for it to survive and thrive in its future. 

Tomorrow isn’t promised, which means each day must count as its own best and last. Be a doer today! Stop to reflect today! Be mindful today! The result? You can seize today as your own, and you’ll make history as you go. 



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