Why Hiring an Image Consultant to Assess Your Wardrobe is a Smart Thing to Do


A lot in your life is determined by the way that you dress. How you look is often the first thing that people notice about you. Hiring a professional image consultant might seem unusual but its becoming common among professionals who need to make a positive first impression.

The typical image consultant picks out around 20 different items of clothing for his client to wear and then teaches him how to mix and match them for a different look every day. Snappy dressers in the professional world are able to create a positive impression right from the start.

So many things go unspoken of in business that it can be hard to know whats always appropriate. You are always communicating something with what you wear. Its the job of the image consultant to educate you on what that something is. A good image consultant will take account of the industry that you work in and what kind of dress is likely to communicate the best kind of message to your clients.


For instance, a lawyer might impress her clients more by wearing very formal outfits?whereas someone like an architect might make a better first impression with more?casual dress. You usually hire someone special to handle your investments for you?or to do something like your taxes.

You can think of the image consultant as someone who is performing the same sort?of task. An image consultant specializes in a certain kind of knowledge that needs?a special attention. There’s nothing vain about wanting to look good so that you can?impress your clients. Its simply good business to want to look good when you’re on?the job.


If your image consultant is skilled the work that he/she does for you should pay for itself ?by allowing you to attract better clients and make more lucrative offers. Its?not that you can’t be successful if you don’t dress well but it will make it harder for?you if you aren’t creating a positive first impression. A smart professional is always?looking for the next thing that will get him ahead in his field and that will increase his?chances. Hiring an image consultant is just the latest way of improving your rate of?success. The fees for an image consultant usually range from around 125 dollars to?2000 dollars a day.

If you would like assistance creating a personal style, an image consultant can be invaluable. For a free consultation to discuss your image needs please?click on Professional Image Consultant?and contact an image consultant near you!?



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