What to Wear and What Not to Wear on TV

For most people, appearing on TV isn?t something they do every day. If you get the chance, one of the first questions you?re likely to have is what to wear. Here?s a few tips on what to wear on TV when it?s your time to shine.

What to Wear on TV

First, try to find out where and how the interview will be conducted. For instance, will you be sitting down or standing up? Outfits that look and feel great when you?re standing, can look ill-fitting, tight and rumpled while sitting. Choose something you?ll be comfortable in, and you?ll feel much more relaxed.

Ask about the background that will be behind you. If you will be filmed against a blue or green screen and the background will be added digitally, avoid wearing those colors as they will disappear and become part of the background. Avoid anything too distracting around your face and shoulder area that might clash with the background. In fact, be careful with any accessories that might be visually distracting or cause problems with a microphone. Large, clunky necklaces or brooches can cause all sorts of problems with audio. Any obviously branded items that might catch the viewers attention should also be avoided. Remember, you want the focus on you and your message.

You would be wise to avoid large areas of white and bright red. White can cause contrast problems for the camera, and bright red can sometimes glow and look over-saturated. A burgundy, plum or rust color would be a better choice. In general, darker, more muted colors work well, but avoid high contrast patterns and stripes. On camera they can cause a very distracting strobe-like visual effect.

If you wear glasses, the lenses should have an anti-reflective or anti-glare coating. They should not, however, be light sensitive. Whether outside under the sun, or indoors under high-powered studio lights, lenses that react to light may turn dark.

Although deciding what to wear on TV is a little different than deciding what to wear to a seminar, speech or other presentation, with a little planning and thought, you?ll look good, you?ll feel good and you?ll give yourself the best chance of making a lasting impression.

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