Personality Style

Revolutionize the way you do fashion, with an eye on how you particularly express yourself by understanding your personal style. Everyone’s wardrobe should include a little couture, but there’s so much more to being stylish. Bringing your uniqueness doesn’t require a fashion expert or consultant. Everyone basically falls under one or more of the seven categories below. Once you figure out which speak loudest to you, it’s just a matter of finding the right Fashion & Color for your personality.

Personality Style


Sometimes sexy is pouty lips or a swarthy complexion. It could be a perfect gym body, but sexy can also be an allure that’s unexplainable. If you attract thirsty looks and create electricity wherever you go, sexy probably describes you, so it’s just a matter of working it. Accentuate your best features. Don’t be shy. If you have great legs, show them off.


Feminine can be light and frilly fabrics. It can be expressed through playful accessories and how you wear your hair. Go to different stores and try on new styles and labels
if you can’t afford trends hot off the catwalks. Catch sales on look-a-likes in boutiques. Being feminine is not as narrow as many believe. It ultimately comes down to wearing the right Fashion & Color for your personality.


Without drama, life would be boring, so it’s important to provide some through your personal presentation. Add an ‘in’ color. Every season there’s a new trendy color palette. Use color as accent pieces. A bright scarf, a camisole under a suit or simple splash of lipstick can weave a provocative story that peaks curiosity and turns heads.


Natural does not mean bland or unadventurous. In fact, there’s something admirably bold about going au natural. Wear earth tones and avoid excessive makeup, but heels and jewelry are still safe. If you tend to be a plain person, don’t try to radically change your look overnight. Fashion is an expression of who you are inside. Keep it real.


Everyone would love to have the elegance and carriage to be considered classic. Only some of us, however, do. Classic requires staying low-key while somehow adding an accessory or necklace that says the rest.


Nothing is as fun as having a creative look. You can pull vintage clothes out of your closet and accessorize them — since accessories are the easiest ways to update a look. Rock nerd glasses, skinny jeans and gold lam? stilettos at the same. Be playful. Creativity has no limits when you fall under this fashion type.


The elegant look works easiest for those who are tall and svelte, but is possible for anyone who supplies the right touch. Elegance is subtlety. It’s the opposite of being loud. The elegant fashionista says “chase me until I catch you.” Elegance is putting on any old cashmere pullover and pair of soft loafers and still stealing the show.

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!

Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!

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