Wardrobe Makeover – Let’s Revamp Your Wardrobe

Some people seem to have natural style and grace when it comes to dressing themselves. They may pull it off in such a way as though to appear effortless, but in reality it?s anything but. Wardrobe organization doesn?t just happen; it takes a little time and a lot of know-how to put one together. The good news is that with a bit of planning and dedication, you can revamp your wardrobe so that soon you, too, can dress with a heightened sense of fashion and confidence.

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Now, we?re not telling you to throw out every last piece of clothing you have and start all over again from square one. Doing so would be impractical and expensive (although your local Goodwill outlet would certainly be overjoyed to receive such a donation!). A better approach is to only get rid of the items of clothing you don?t wear anymore. Easier said than done, right? After all, we all have those items that are too small/too big/hold too much nostalgic value, and we just can?t bring ourselves to get rid of them. The truth is, however, you might as well frame these articles of clothing and hang them on the wall in your rec room, because let?s face it, you haven?t worn them in months and probably won?t start doing so anytime soon. And chances are if you have made the unconscious decision not to wear these garments, they are a far cry from sitting at the pinnacle of fashion anyway.

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A good way to single out these fashion offenders is to march straight to your closet and turn all the hangers so that every single article of clothing is facing the same way. Go do it right now. Then for the next few months, just go about dressing yourself as usual. At the end of each day, take the clothes you wore that day and place them on the hanger so that they are facing the other direction. Same goes for your freshly-laundered garments (after the first few weeks anyway, just to make sure it?s clothing you?re actually wearing). After six months, there should be a clear division between the clothes you actually wear and the clothes that are not helping you achieve your fashion goals. Once you?ve established this, it?ll really be time to take your stuff to Goodwill. This is a surefire way to achieve wardrobe organization.

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