Use Your Face As A Fashion Guide

Use Your Face As A Fashion Guide

If you’re looking for a fashion guide to accessories, then start with the map of your own face! Various facial shapes make a huge difference in how your accessories either complement or detract from your beauty. Get to know these most common facial shapes. 

Your Face Shape 101 

The shape of your face should be your guiding star as you go about accessorizing your look. Most people are familiar with how the angles of face shape can help you determine the most ideal and flattering haircut and style, but did you know it also influences the ideal selection of glasses, hats, earrings, and other key accessories you wear from the shoulders up? 

Let’s explore the shape of the face and how you can easily and quickly identify your face shape to start accessorizing.

There’s actually a science behind determining face shape. These scientific formulas help you look in the mirror and compare the various features of your face to determine which type of shape it best fits.

1) Oval 

Using your fingers as a guide, measure out the width and length of your face. Oval faces are two parts wide by three parts long. 

Oval-shaped faces are slightly longer than they are wide, and they most closely resemble the shape of an egg. You won’t see sharp angles. While cheekbones are the widest part of the face, there’s a roundness to the jaw and forehead. It’s a very attractive face shape! 

2) Oblong & Rectangular 

Using the same finger measurement as above, you’ll find that the oblong and rectangle face is three times long as it is wide. This longer face has angular edges with a higher forehead, squarer jawline, and straighter hairline. The temple and jawline are about the same length. It’s a very strong face! 

3) Round & Square 

Keeping with the finger measurement, the round and square face’s length will be less than three times the width. The rounder the face, the more symmetric length and width are in measurement. 

Your cheekbones are full, and your face has angular lines with prominent edges. The chin is typically smaller, and the jawline is rounded out. Your face is a classic beauty. 

4) Inverted Triangle & Heart 

Inverted triangle face types are identified by a forehead that’s three times wider than the jawline. Widows’ peak hairlines are common in heart-shaped faces, which are wide at the temple and narrow at the chin. 

Both faces gradually narrow as you move down the face, but the inverted triangle face will have more angular features than the heart face. These are both very feminine and attractive faces!  

5) Diamond 

Are your chin and forehead the same width? This is a classic diamond-shaped face. The eyes are wide-set apart. The chin and forehead are narrow. The hairline makes a peak. Cheeks are broad and the visual focus of the face. Your face is strikingly beautiful! 

It’s All About Your Face!!! 

Understanding your face shape gives you a real edge in finishing off your look. You dress for your body size and shape… so why wouldn’t you accessorize for the dimensions and angles of your face? We look forward to seeing you for our next session, which helps you match the shape of your face to your earring choices. 



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