Don’t Leave Your Look Bare By Skipping Face And Hair Final Touches

Don’t Leave Your Look Bare By Skipping Face And Hair Final Touches

You’re down to the wire. You’ve got the perfect staple wardrobe at your back. It’s complete with all the right colors, cuts, and styles to reflect your signature look. You’ve even stepped up your skincare and haircare game to rock whatever stage of life you’re living. 

Yet, something is still amiss when you look in the mirror. That total look isn’t quite adding up. It’s like you’ve planted and grown the most beautiful fruit tree, but it’s still not bearing fruit. So, what’s the problem? Where’s the fruit? 

The blossom of that fruit is within your accessories, hair color, makeup application, and other finishing touches, and, when applied correctly, it enables your look to take full bloom and yield that beautiful fruit to your labor. 

Are you leaving your look bare by skipping those face and hair final touches? 

Don’t Lag At The Finish Line 

Your total look is almost there. It’s down to those final touches, and now isn’t the time to get lazy and miss out on the big reward – your complete, total, and undeniably perfect for your look. 

It’s these final hair, skin, and accessory touches that bring your look fully together for a complete picture of the image you’ve worked so hard to cultivate for yourself. Lagging now can destroy the look you’ve worked so hard to achieve. 

Stop Fighting Yourself: Don’t Over Complicate Necessity

While your finishing touches are necessary, there’s also no cause to overly complicate their application and allow them to monopolize your time. Most of us wear far too many professional and personal hats to spend endless hours in primp mode, right? 

Good news. Finishing touches aren’t about spending your life in a salon or cosmetic procedure office. 

In fact, there’s only one makeup absolute that your face needs daily. Sure, a carefully selected complete makeup look helps to refine your look, but, on those days that you just don’t have time for a full face, you can use the lipstick trick to fake that polished look. Why? Lipstick is a pop of color that adds symmetry between the hair, eyes, skin, and outfit. It awakens the onlooker’s brain and commands their attention to hear both your verbal and nonverbal messages! 

Your Canvas Is Already Beautiful 

There’s one fact that will simplify your finishing touch process and completely change your application criteria – Your canvas is already beautiful. 

Stop wasting time, money, and energy trying to create a new canvas or imitate someone else’s canvas when the one you have is always good enough, deserving enough, and ready to be painted with fruits. 

Don’t fight the masterpiece that God has bestowed upon you! 

Why take time away from living your goals and fulfilling your image’s purpose to cosmetically alter yourself and upkeep those alterations? Hair color is a perfect example. Think of the time, energy, and maintenance savings you’ll have when you keep your hair color as close to natural as possible. The same goes for artificial nails and other time-consuming beauty alterations. 

I’m a curly-haired brunette. I’ve often wanted to have the opposite look, but I’ve learned the hard way that pursuing such opposites becomes a leech on life and impedes accomplishing the changes in life that actually make an impact to my happiness and wellbeing. 

Accept, Embrace, Celebrate 

I’ve learned to accept, embrace, and celebrate all that I am naturally, and doing so yields an inner peace that shines with authenticity and beauty within your image. Aesthetically, you’ll also look younger, healthier, and more confident when you keep your canvas as close to as God made it as possible.  

As you apply your finishing touches to your look, don’t seek to alter or imitate others. Take help to enhance your own best features and minimize your problem areas. Don’t overthink it. Don’t overdramatize it. Instead, allow all of your beautiful, unique, and authentic natural features to be your guide to a total look that’s totally you.



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