How to Use Color Analysis to Allow Your Inner Beauty to Shine

We all want to take steps to look and feel our best, but many so-called experts will jump at the chance to offer their advice. The problem is that the tips that you hear are often conflicting, and choosing the right path can be difficult. If your goal is to simplify the process and to find a style that works for you, turn to color analysis. Focusing on the color and tone of your skin, hair and eyes, this method allows you to highlight your beauty in a way that will captivate the people with whom you interact. But most importantly, it enables you to express yourself confidently.

Finding Your Season

If your skin and hair don’t have much contrast and are cool light in color, you fall into the summer category, but people who have warm skin with dark element that don’t display much contrast will want to look at autumn colors. If someone has a light warm skin tone and blond hair, then that person will get the best results from spring styles. Winter colors will work well for anyone who has black, gray or blue eyes and dark hair and cool skin.


In addition to peach and golden brown, yellow is also a good choice when it comes to spring colors. Light colors can enhance your appearance more than you might think, but choosing dark colors can decrease your results. As long as you pick the right shades for your skin type, you won’t have much trouble looking fantastic no matter the style for which you are aiming.


Wearing clothes that are green, blue or purple is a smart move if spring is your season. To get the most from this approach, ensure that all your accessories also meet the spring requirements.?


Dark green, orange and red are a few of the colors that will make any autumn style look stunning. These colors will bring out the natural appeal of your dark hair, and you will be pleased when you see the outcome.?


When you want to find the right colors for the winter type, consider colors that are sharp, clear and solid. To maintain a look that will not let you down, avoid subdued colors.

Final Thought

The 4X4 color analysis system goes into much more detail, but this brief overview is enough to get you moving in the right direction. Regardless of what you choose, always find something that appeals to you and that communicates the message that you want to send.

Our aim with these blog articles is to empower and inspire you to look good and feel great. However, if you need a helping hand in finding your color analysis?we are here for you. For a free consultation and to know more about our services feel free to call us on 954 328 2732 or email us [email protected]



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