Fashion Trend And Color Forecasting

Today?s fashion companies hire people who are experts in trend & color forecasting to stay ahead of the competition. The job can be divided into two categories. The first category is consumer trend forecasting while the second category focuses on retailers and designers.


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Trends and Color Forecasting

When experts begin the process of fashion trend forecasting, they assess the mood, actions and purchasing habits of consumers at the start of a season. Fashion forecasting also involves culture, geographic locations and the fashion cycle. The best analysts are curious about the world and are interested in a variety of topics including art and design as well as technology, science, travel and even food.


To create a new line, the design and merchandising divisions of fashion companies around the world evaluate data gathered by professional trend forecasters. The data permits them to determine the direction that their new lines should take. To predict color trends, forecasters generally consider the seasons. For instance, when spring arrives, merchandising departments introduce flowery pastels while white is a popular color choice for summer. During the fall, apparel items that feature earth tones are brought out onto store racks, and in the winter, jewel colors make an appearance. All fashion companies incorporate these basic season-based colors in their lines. Also, the planning and creation process of new lines typically begins six months before the start of the selling season. For instance, a sundress that will be for sale in May or June will be in production during November or December.

Trend & Color Forecasting Tips

Many fashion and trends forecasters look to past trends to make future predictions. Most trends have an origin, so forecasters should know when basic design elements began whether it was 10, 30 or 100 years ago. A forecaster can complete his or her research by reading through fashion history books, studying blogs and examining interior design. Forecasters usually make predictions that are daring, unique and well researched.

Final Considerations

Lidewij Edelkoort, a well-known trend forecaster, said, ?Trend forecasting is much like archaeology but to the future.? In considering Ms. Edelkoort?s assessment about the industry, fashion forecasters must be willing to research and focus on their personal creativity. They should also consider creating a personal archive that includes relevant images and ideas. When fashion companies hire a skilled fashion forecaster, they can make sure that their customers have access to a constant source of tempting new inventory year-round.

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