Social Skills

To succeed in your future career and life, you will need to have a proper grasp of social skills in order to be relatable and polite to employers, co-workers, friends and family. Social skills, unlike reading, writing and arithmetic, are not taught out of a book or learned from a lecture, but understood and practiced through experience. Generally, these skills fall under the category of manners and etiquette.


For some, these little rules of society are intuitive and easy to follow. For others, it will require a conscious effort until they become natural.
Here are a few social skills you cannot do without:

  • Gratitude – Showing gratefulness is a way to not only accord respect, but to earn respect. While “please” is important in requesting an item or ordering from a menu, “thank you” shows the serving party they are respected.
  • Grooming – Personal grooming goes a long way when out in public. Never leave the house without taking the proper measure to ensure you are fresh and your clothing is pressed. When out in public, accidents may dishevel your appearance. For instance, the wind my blow your hair or a drink may spill on your shirt. In the event this happens, fix yourself in the restroom.
  • Small Talk – This is a skill that takes years of practice to master and some people, you may discover, will never do. In conversation, maintain eye contact with your partner, however, do not stare. In a professional setting, introduce yourself with a handshake. Steer clear of charged subjects such as politics, religion or finances. Listen to what is being said and make sure the conversation flows naturally. However, do not be afraid to change the subject. Make sure to disengage from the conversation gracefully, without appearing rude or uninterested. Leave if a good impression.
  • Dining – The rules of dining are dependent upon the situation. For instance going out to dinner with friends is much more informal than going out to dinner with your boss. However, a couple rules of thumb apply across the board. First, do not put your elbows on the table. Second, always chew with your mouth closed. Third, use cutlery at all times, laying them down when pausing in your meal and never do anything before the host does.

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