Top Ten Tips for Office Christmas Party Etiquette

The holidays are a time for celebrating. This means holiday parties. Holiday parties are a time to relax and let your guard down, right? Not always. Holiday celebrations involving your place of employment can be enjoyable, but your behavior will be noticed and noted. Here are some things that you may want to keep in mind when you attend the company Christmas party this year.

Christmas Festivity Etiquette

1. Arrive on time.

Some people may try to arrive at a party late in order to avoid extra hours of socializing. It may seem that making an appearance is all that is important. Others may think that it is fashionable to walk in late. The boss will likely not think so. Treat a holiday party as the work-related event that it is. You wouldn’t walk into the office an hour late. Don’t do it now.

Office Party Etiquette

2. Take a hostess gift.

Good manners are important and manners dictate that a hostess gift be given. You do not want to stand out as the one employee who commits a breach of etiquette. Regardless of the rules of etiquette, thoughtfulness is almost always valued.

3. Dress according to code.

The level of formality of an event is used to determine what should be worn. Find out how formal the event will be to determine how to dress. If you are new to the company, talk to co-workers to find out what the usual attire is.

Holiday Party Etiquette

4. Don’t consume too much alcohol.

Watch your alcohol consumption. You do not want to be the subject of office gossip for months or years because of alcohol-induced memorable events. Even minor consumption can make you say things you may later regret.

5. Network with your colleagues.

This is your chance to make connections. It is definitely “who you know” that leads to better or different career opportunities. Get to know others. Share your skills and interests and make sure that you learn theirs as well.

6. Show respect to all.

It may be tempting to use the opportunity to get to know key people, but show respect to everyone. Mingle and interact with various groups. Make sure that you acknowledge the spouses of your colleagues.

7. Be politically correct.

That off-color joke may be funny to you, but it will not seem so funny when it offends others. Being politically incorrect in any way reflects badly on you as an employee.

8. Dress conservatively.

Baring your cleavage may bring attention but probably not the kind of attention that you truly want. Keep in mind the impression that you want to have your boss have of you. Even in the off hours, maintaining professionalism is a good idea.

Office Christmas Party Etiquette

9. Use your manners.

A lack of manners is always noticed. Good manners are always noticed as well. In addition to being the right thing to do, good manners bring positive attention.

10. Act like a host and not a guest.

A good host makes sure that everyone is comfortable. Even if you are a guest yourself, focus on opportunities to serve others. Try to ensure that no one is left out. Look for chances to help the actual host with anything that needs to be done.

Enjoy the office festivities, but be sure to treat them as the work functions that they are. Your career may depend on it.



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