Tips and Tricks on Camouflaging Your Flaws

Tips and Tricks on Camouflaging Your Flaws

Do you look in the mirror and see flaws? If so, you’re neither alone nor without help. Learn the tips and tricks to camouflage both perceived and real body flaws from your mirror forever.

Body Image Is A Real Problem

From actresses and models to the everyday business woman, we all have a long list of body flaws we see in ourselves, even if others around us don’t see them.

Research actually shows that eight of every ten women are dissatisfied with their reflections. Ironically, around half of those women are seeing a distorted image that’s not even a true reflection of what others see of them.

Whether real or distorted, however, your reflection is a vital component of your personal and professional success. Feeling good about what you see enables you to be your most confident, assertive, and happy self. It’s simple – you look good to feel good and feel good to look good.

So, cut yourself some slack because everyone has those less desirable areas of their body, and the great news is that it’s very easy to learn how to camouflage them from your reflection.

Camouflaging Your Body Flaws 101

Overcompensating is one of the main problems with feeling like you have a body flaw. You don’t like your waistline, for example, which spurs you to hide it under clothing that’s entirely too big vs clothing with cuts, colors, and other elements suited to your body type. Making such wrong choices hides your greatest assets, and it often accentuates whatever body issue you were trying to overcompensate for.

The first thing you need to remember is that our bodies are each unique and beautiful. The careers of some of the most famous beauties in the world, such as Cindy Crawford, happened because they embraced what others had perceived as a beauty flaw.

Embrace your uniqueness. Work with, not against, it. How?

Color choices matter. Heavier body sizes, for example, look best in block and monochromatic color from top to bottom. This choice creates a smooth line for the eye, which makes you look taller and slimmer and camouflages those extra pounds.

Speaking of lines for the heavier body type, you’ll want to stick with vertical lines for the various elements on your wardrobe pieces. Buttons, stitching, pleats, stripes, and so forth should be vertical, not horizontal. Stacking these components vertically elongates your look, which is slimming.

Of course, these are just a few tips to help you wear your clothes with both confidence and style. By making strategic choices, you’ll be surprised at how your best assets suddenly become so obvious and your flaws are suddenly not such a distraction from your confidence and happiness.



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