The Power of YouTube: How to Use It to Grow Your Business, Lose Weight and More!

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Your competitors use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy, so should you.

Did you know 90% of consumers say they discover new brands or products on YouTube? 

YOUTUBE VIDEO MARKETING IS PERSUASIVE – unlike reading text, it doesn’t take much effort to watch, and it’s easier to digest than other types of content. 

Promotional videos have a wide reach because they can be distributed through a range of channels such as social media, blogs, landing pages, and sales representations. 

With the right YouTube marketing strategy, you can INCREASE EXPOSURE and CONNECT WITH NEW AUDIENCES. That’s why 91% of businesses use YouTube as a marketing channel.

The Benefits of YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a leading source of news, entertainment, current events, informative content, and more. 

It offers personal stylists and image consultants looking to grow their business the following advantages: 

  • Cost-effective:
    While there is the option to create YouTube ads, you can create and upload videos for free. 
  • Audience reach:
    Since anyone in the world can view videos and online image consulting has grown, it’s possible to increase your customer base to include global clients.
  • Visibility:
    From search engine optimization (SEO) to featured placements on YouTube’s home page, the platform offers numerous ways to get in front of potential clients.
  • Build community:
    Enabling YouTube comments lets viewers interact with you and offer feedback to help grow your business. 
  • High relay rate:
    As your audience grows, so does your video reach.

Types of Youtube Marketing Videos

You can produce one or many of these formats for your video marketing campaign: 

  • Tutorial videos: in-depth looks at a particular product or service. 
  • Demo videos: demonstrate the features and functions of a product or service in real-time. 
  • Vlogs: diaries or stories by an individual or business. 
  • Product reviews: an honest evaluation of a product or service.
  • Testimonials: customers provide feedback on a product or service.  

5 YouTube Marketing Tips to Expand Your Customer Base

Let’s assume you know how to create a YouTube video (if not, here’s a video with some great tips) and discuss winning video marketing strategies.

1. Define Video Marketing Goals

“Goal setters are 377% more successful than their peers.” – CoSchedule

Is your goal to increase brand awareness, draw traffic to your website, or gain new subscribers to your channel? You may even have a different purpose in mind. Decide early in the production process what your goal is so you can focus the script and video strategy to accomplish it.

2. Focus on One Topic Per Video

“97% of consumers report video helps them understand products.” – Wyzol

YouTube videos that focus on making one point help to ensure that viewers stay engaged and understand the message clearly. Videos that attempt to cover too many topics at once can be overwhelming and confusing.

A clear focus helps viewers easily recall key points discussed, thus creating a memorable experience. Videos channeling a singular message are more likely to be used and shared, increasing their reach and potential to impact viewers.

3. Maintain a Consistent Schedule

“Over 90% of companies use a content calender.” – Curata

​​An upload schedule is critical for getting more views, subscribers, and overall channel growth on YouTube. A content production and publishing schedule can help you consistently release videos, thereby drawing back past viewers and promoting further growth.

4. Encourage and Respond to Viewer Comments

“Replying to customer queries 24/7 on social media can drive a 49% increase in average purchase value.” – Brand Bastion

Responding to video comments gives you a chance to create meaningful relationships, incentivize your audience to interact with your brand, and gain valuable feedback.

It can also generate positive buzz for your business, as interactions can have a ripple effect that reaches far beyond YouTube. Not only is this a great way to increase your visibility, but it will also help you build customer loyalty, which further contributes to the success of your business.

5. Include a CTA at the End of Each Video

“Mid-video CTAs have the highest conversion rate of 22.1%.” – Wistia

It is essential to include a CTA in each YouTube video to communicate your desired action. For example, “subscribe,” “contact me,” or “visit my website to learn more,” etc. 

Crafting a well-timed, direct, and persuasive CTA makes a big difference in increasing engagement and generating results. A strong CTA at your videos’ beginning, middle, or end can transform viewers into leads and loyal customers.

YouTube is a Great Educational Resource

Of course, YouTube is also a valuable resource for image consultants and stylists to upskill. From dieting channels to fitness to public speaking and marketing, you can learn so much from experts.

Just remember to review the credentials of the person giving advice. Do they have relevant qualifications, or are they respected experts in the field? And research their claims or recommendations in more detail to see if other experts agree. 

Increase Your Profits with Professional Career Coaching

YouTube is a powerful tool that can help image consultants and stylists GROW THEIR BUSINESS by expanding their customer base and increasing their brand visibility.

With a solid strategy, along with the right resources and dedication, you can take advantage of the benefits YouTube offers and create a lucrative business. Moreover, YouTube can also be used as a great educational resource and career coaching to accelerate your success.

If you want the tools and networking opportunities to grow your image consultant business exponentially, then ByFERIAL’s Empower Group is for you. Contact us to find out more about our premiere business opportunities. 




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