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More clients, more money, more freedom. What’s not to love about working online?

According to PayScale, the median hourly rate for image consultants and personal stylists in the US is $100 per hour. Personal stylists already have the option of working with individual clients, celebrities, and even brands to help curate collections and enhance a person’s unique image. 

Now, the growth of virtual appointments has widened the profession’ reach, making it even more convenient for stylists and clients. And that’s not even considering how social media platforms have opened up new opportunities for work and collaborations.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of virtual style consultations, their benefits and how you can qualify as a virtual style and image consultant 

ByFERIAL Virtual Style Consultations

Our proprietary ByFERIAL Fashion & Style Guide is an over 120-page customized, detailed guide for a client on what to wear and not to wear. A style consultation can of course be conducted face to face, but technology allows us virtually assess the client’s information using video conferencing, and provide a detailed, customized virtual style guide in seconds.  

A virtual style consultation is a type of consultation that takes place virtually, usually over video conferencing, in which a client can discuss their personal style and fashion preferences with a stylist or image consultant. During the consultation, the virtual stylist will typically ask questions to better understand the client’s lifestyle, body type, and personal style. They may also ask about the client’s goals for their wardrobe and any specific events or occasions they need outfits for.

The purpose of a virtual style consultation is to help clients develop a cohesive and functional wardrobe that aligns with their personal style and meets their needs when you cannot meet with them in person. The stylist may offer suggestions for clothing items that will flatter the client’s body type and work well for their lifestyle, as well as provide advice on how to mix and match pieces to create different looks.

Virtual style consultations are a convenient option for clients who may not have access to an in-person stylist or who prefer the flexibility of meeting over video. They can be equally effective as in-person consultations, as the stylist can still get a good sense of the client’s style, preferences, and needs through virtual communication.

How to Become an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist

In styling, creativity and practical skills are just as important as qualifications. Having a portfolio of looks and projects that showcase your styling capabilities is a great way to show prospective employers your skills.

Nonetheless, many employers may require you to have a relevant qualification in fashion or communication. Although work experience is crucial in honing your styling skills, obtaining a qualification can provide you with additional knowledge and support your practice.

​​It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers altogether – Alexander McQueen.

Clients are also more likely to hire stylists with formal training. ByFERIAL offers an internationally accredited training program to hone personal styling skills: 

6 Benefits of Virtual Styling

As digital transformation continues to sweep the fashion industry, virtual styling has become hugely popular, offering numerous benefits for personal stylists:


REMOTE WORKING REDUCES COMMUTING COSTS, paying for a physical workspace, and buying an entire work wardrobe and other overheads such as office supplies. This means you invest in other essential career areas, such as building a website and promoting your business via digital marketing. 

Clients Love It 

For clients, waking up with a ready-made wardrobe suited to their lifestyle provides clarity and freedom. Goodbye to the morning panic of not knowing what to wear, no more running late after trying on countless outfit combinations, no more spending time trying to find the perfect accessories, or worrying if an outfit looks good on them or how to make it work better.

When someone finds their own personal style, and they own it, they look good in it, no matter what it is – Malcolm Jenkins.

Enhanced Creativity 

A career as an online stylist can help you explore your creative side and take on the thrilling challenges of working with different customers. This is an excellent opportunity to stay engaged in the fashion industry and utilize your talents to MAKE CLIENTS FEEL GREAT ABOUT THEIR APPEARANCE.


Working from the comfort of your home offers several benefits: you can work from anywhere, manage your time and responsibilities more efficiently, avoid wasting time commuting, and stay connected to your clients with just an internet connection.

Global Client Base

Remote work gives stylists a global client base and the potential to increase their revenue. It’s now possible to search for BETTER OPPORTUNITIES AND HIGHER-PAYING CLIENTS and earn in more powerful currencies.

Part-time Ability 

Part-time work as an online personal stylist can be a great way to get your foot in the door of the fashion industry. Taking on such a role increases your knowledge as you learn the ropes of the industry while maintaining a steady source of income. This allows you to develop your marketability and credibility as you grow your client base. 

Start Online Consultations with the ByFERIAL Image and Color Institute

Individuals looking for a complete transformation of their image often seek the help of personal stylists. Business people, in particular, are taking advantage of the services these professionals offer to cultivate a different look. Working in tandem with their clients, personal stylists can determine which styles best suit them.

Our Fashion & Style Guides can be quickly customized to fit any body type. Whether your clients choose to have a virtual experience or an in-person one, ByFERIAL’s web app provides more than 120 pages of tailored options for them, complete with accompanying visuals. All you have to do is input their measurements, and the app does the rest!

Contact us to learn more about becoming a stylist and growing your business online.



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