The Near Absence Of Civility Around Us

We are all aware of the decline and the near absence of civility around us due to the lack of education and training in manners, etiquette and ethics in schools, families and communities. Also being rude, cheating, lying and not using your manners seem to be common in today?s modern world. However we can assure you being uncivil will not get you anywhere in today?s society.

Incidences of incivility across the globe are creating a serious challenge for our society and it impacts people from all walks of life, regardless of their religion, race or ranking.? We don?t have to live with these behaviours around us and need to become conscious with what?s happening.

Schools, corporations and individuals are screaming for help with civility. They are investing in image and etiquette consultants to get the civility back in our lives.

Professor P.M. Forni, co-founder of the Civility Project at Johns Hopkins University, explains it is all about kindness, consideration, sensitivity, caring, giving and nurturing others. It is a code of conduct based on the principles of the three ?R? principles and rules of conduct that guides us to behaviour, RESPECT, RESTRAINT, RESPONSIBILITY.

The rules, listed below, are outlined in his book Choosing Civility ? The Twenty Five Rules of Considerate Conduct (St. Martin?s Griffin, New York, 2002).

The 25 Rules of Considerate Conduct

  1. Pay Attention
  2. Acknowledge Others
  3. Think the Best
  4. Listen
  5. Be Inclusive
  6. Speak Kindly
  7. Don?t Speak Ill
  8. Accept and Give Praise
  9. Respect Even a Subtle ?No?
  10. Respect Others? Opinions
  11. Mind Your Body
  12. Be Agreeable
  13. Keep it Down (Rediscover Silence)
  14. Respect Other People?s Time
  15. Respect Other People?s Space
  16. Apologize Earnestly
  17. Assert Yourself
  18. Avoid Personal Questions
  19. Care for Your Guests
  20. Be a Considerate Guest
  21. Think Twice Before Asking Favours
  22. Refrain from Idle Complaints
  23. Accept and Give Constructive Criticism
  24. Respect the Environment and Be Gentle to Animals
  25. Don?t Shift Responsibility and Blame

?Always remember even a simple thank you and PLEASE will put people at EASE around you? Ferial Youakim, AICI CIP



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