The Magic & Power of Color Analysis

When you wear your correct color and style you will look younger and healthier

Understanding colors are an important part of developing your image, style and confidence. Wearing colors which harmonize with your skin tone makes you look healthier, slimmer, minimizes imperfections and enhances your eye and hair color. The result is that you feel more confident which in turn allows you to shine in public!

How Does Color Analysis Work?

Color analysis warm colors vs cool colors The purpose of having a color analysis done is to identify your natural color tone. Once this is established, then you can ensure that all the other colors worn (including accessories, makeup and clothes) harmonise with this tone. This is important as harmonious colors intensify and strengthen each other and are naturally pleasing to the eye. The result is a more attractive, appealing image.

The Munsell Color System All color analysis is based on the Munsell Color System. Albert Munsell, an artist, identified colors as having three characteristics ? hue, value and chroma.

  • Hue ? is the undertone of the color warm, cool or neutral?
  • Value ?how light or dark is the color?
  • Chroma ? how bright and vibrant are the colors?

What are the Advantages of Having a Color Analysis Done?

  • It enhances your appearance.? It allows you to look your best, no matter what you are doing or where you are going.
  • You can build a wardrobe with ease.? Once you know your colour profile, shopping for clothes, accessories and makeup is a breeze.? It will also save you money as you will no longer buy items that turn out to be unflattering.
  • It builds on your natural assets.? Wearing colors that enhance your natural coloring minimizes your imperfections while enhancing your assets.? Wearing the wrong colours emphasises the very aspects you usually want to hide.
  • You can express your personality. You can use colors to make a statement about who you are. Express your confidence, boldness or warm, soft nature.

How Do I Get A Color Analysis Done?

Color systems are often confusing and difficult to use, with the result that many people don?t bother. Fortunately, there is now a simple and accurate color system available. The Four by Four Color System, developed after years of research by the ByFerial image consultancy company, is a remarkably straightforward and accurate system of color analysis, and has proven popular with many image consultants as a result. It analyses the undertone, hue value and intensity of people?s skin, hair and eye color to create a distinctive color palette. It also caters to all skin types, ensuring the best possible result.

If you are interested in learning more about color analysis our online training webinars are the perfect way to get you started. Visit our color analysis webinar here.

if you would like to get your color analysis done, visit the Image Consultants Training website to find an image consultant near you.



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