The Best Make Up Choice For My Skin Color

Choosing the best makeup for your complexion can sometimes be a challenge. While everyone’s skin is unique, there are certain guidelines to consider when choosing makeup colors based on?four basic skin colors.?

Fair Skin

Fair skinned women will want to look for light, sheer make up colors such as soft blues, pinks and lavenders. Light pastel colors and light earth tones such as light browns and greens can make eyes look fresh and wide open. Lip tones for fair skinned individuals should be kept in the light pink pallet, while bright reds and brown shades should be avoided. Cheek color should also be light pink as it will give fair skin a naturally flushed look.?

Medium Skin Tones

Generally jewel tones and earth tones are the most complimentary eye colors for individuals?with medium skin. Jewel tones such as purple, greens and deep blues will help brighten eyes, while earth tones such as grays, beige and browns will help bring warmth to the face while complimenting the skin. Cheek colors can range from darker pink and coral shades to pink colors with plumb undertones. Warmth can also be added to the face with a light bronzing powder. Those with medium skin tones can also be flexible with their lip color, almost any color from bright pinks to deep dark reds?will look good with medium skin.?

Olive Skin

Those with olive or ethnic colored skin can wear a number of colors of eye make up, including?dark and bold colors such as dark plum and bright metallic blue. Cheeks can be highlighted?with brown or plum based shades of color or with bronzer. Look for colors that don’t contrast?the natural skin tone too much, as it will look unnatural. Lip colors should stay within the?natural color pallet, and plum and brown shades should be used as opposed to bright reds.?

Dark Skin

Women with dark skin can experiment with many different colors of eye make up. Bright?shimmering colors such as silver, blue and purple and jewel tones look great against darker?skin. Colored mascaras, such as blue mascara, can help bring definition and color to the eyes?to help them pop.?Women with dark skin, should use darker blush colors such as reds or deep dusty pinks while?avoiding orange. Dark colors, such as browns and reds should also be used when choosing a lip?color.

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