Stay Relevant with Your Grooming

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The reality of the situation is that appearances do matter. People make judgments based on how well-groomed other individuals are. If you show up to meetings in sloppy attire and with soaking wet hair, you aren’t going to make a good first impression. 

Make sure that your outfit is presentable and appropriate for the particular situation that you’re entering. Even when you are pursuing personal interests and hobbies and going out to interact with other people socially, put on an outfit that makes you feel confident. Once you start dressing in this fashion, you’ll likely realize how much of an effect a great outfit can have on your overall mood and demeanor. 

Take the time to get ready before you head out for the day. You might need to wake up a little bit earlier, but you’re likely to feel better throughout the day. Take the time to do your hair and to put on makeup. Ensure that the jewelry and shoes that you’re wearing actually match with the outfit. As you put more time into your appearance, you’ll likely start to develop a signature style as well.

Of course, you also want to make sure that you are taking care of your body and mind. Give yourself space to journal, pray, meditate or engage in other activities that provide you with mental and emotional clarity. You’ll likely realize that when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside. 

Make healthy eating and exercise priorities in your life. You don’t need to cut out all of your favorite treats; you simply need to eat healthy foods the majority of the time. Find some exercises that you love as well. You’re likely to quickly learn how strong and powerful exercise can make you feel. You might decide to take classes at the gym or to join a sports club in the neighborhood. The social bonds involved with these experiences are empowering as well.



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