Making Your Presence Known

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Now that you’ve made the decision to move forward in life, you need to let people know that you are here. Don’t hide in the background of your own life, and don’t let others take the credit that you deserve. While making such changes to your life can be difficult, you had the strength to take the first step. You certainly have the strength to make these revisions to your life as well.

1. Looking the Part
You definitely have to dress the part. The standards for attire vary by industry, and we can work together to determine what those standards are if you’re uncertain. Keeping yourself clean and tidy is a part of the process too.

2. Acting the Part
Talk to other people with confidence. Don’t apologize unless you have actually committed some sort of serious wrong. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty for wanting success in your own life. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

3. Being the Part
At first, you might feel as though you’re putting on a mask with these new clothes and that new confidence. However, keep employing these strategies. Eventually, these actions won’t be strategies. They will simply be who you are.

4. Your Attitude
Of course, you don’t want to exude so much confidence that you become arrogant. You need to have an appropriate and friendly attitude when dealing with other people. Think about how good you feel when someone goes the extra distance to be kind to you. Also, it can be tempting to feel down and sad when you have a setback. Actually feeling your own emotions is important, but you don’t want those negative vibes to take control of you. Give yourself space to process the emotions. Then, move on. 

5. Stay Humble
Once you get on the road to success, it can be difficult to remember where you were before. However, you must stay humble. When you see other people struggling, don’t judge them. Remember that you were once in the same position. In fact, you might have the opportunity one day to reach out a helping hand and to offer assistance to someone else. Staying humble will help you to remember your roots and to stay kind in your interactions with other human beings. 



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