Mobile Phone Etiquette Tips

I am amazed with all the technology around us and the way our children are born with instinct skills to use, while people like me take years of experience and training to be able to use them with confidence.

Today I would like to talk about mobile phone etiquette. If you ask the same group of children who use the mobile phone with ease about etiquette, they will say ?What is etiquette, anyway?? Etiquette is a set of rules that we all need to follow in order to fit in in today?s society. Moreover we need to be courteous and civil toward others by following some basic etiquette rules.

Mobile phones today and the way we use them have changed tremendously in the past few years. The whole world of mobile phones has evolved so much that we need to consider a few rules of etiquette. We are well aware that it’s easy to be rude with a mobile phone without being conscious about it; people talking too loudly; insulting and annoying ring tones going off in the wrong places at the wrong times etc.

Mobile Phone Etiquette Tips

  1. Turn your phone off or to silent when you are in holy places, meetings, fine dining restaurants, courtrooms, theatre and at the movies
  2. Do not be loud or obnoxious when talking in public
  3. Avoid rude and inappropriate conversations
  4. To show your respect to others, do not check your phone when you are in their company
  5. Never text or answer a call while you are driving especially if you do not have hands free
  6. Make sure your ringtone is not too loud, annoying or insulting to anyone
  7. When you leave a message ensure that you speak clearly
  8. When leaving your details like your name and number ensure to repeat them
  9. Avoid lengthy messages, be precise and never leave bad news but rather ask for the person to call you back
  10. When you have to take an important call make sure to let others know ahead of time, excuse yourself, step away into a quite area and carry on

Follow these simple guidelines of common courtesy when using a mobile phone in public, remember, public places are designed for us to be shared. I hope you enjoyed reading about our ten tips mobile phone etiquette. If you are interested in becoming an etiquette trainer for more information please visit our website .



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