How To Look Ten Pounds Lighter By Utilizing Your Silhouette

One of the best industry design techniques is to utilize your silhouette in order to create an effective and attractive style outfit. First, when you are selecting what outfit to wear, you should consider the silhouette, shape and size of the garment. This technique will help you determine if the item of clothing is flattering for your specific body. Many people make the mistake of wearing pieces of clothing that work against their feature as well as accentuate unflattering aspects of their body.?

Look 10 Pounds Lighter

However, if you are planning on creating an illusion of looking ten pounds lighter, then you should consider the benefits of manifesting your silhouette. Essentially, all items of clothing have a silhouette. In order to look ten pounds slimmer, you need to choose selective garments that follow your curves and flatter your particular body shape.

Creating Illusion with Your Silhouette?

Creating Illusions with Silhouette

Additionally, you can choose from four basic silhouette methods. First, there is a fitted silhouette, which is desirable for people with an hourglass figure or slender body shape. On the other hand, you can consider this if youth is still to your advantage. Second, there is the semi-fitted silhouette, which is something that most people can wear. Moreover, semi-fitted means wearing a neutral cut that fits all types of body shapes.

Third, you can utilize a square and stiff silhouette, which not recommended for a full figured woman because it harkens back to an older or dated style. In addition, the stiffness of the silhouette and the square cut of the outfit will not flatter a woman with a fuller figure or someone over forty. Fourth, the square and soft silhouette is a soft textured material or fabric that is recommended for mature and fuller bodied woman. This type of silhouette complements a person because of the silky movements of the silhouette that presents the illusion of weight loss. The softness of the outfit makes the dresser appear lighter and thinner.

All four of these patterns are ways to navigate the irregularities and features of a woman. The more in tune you are with your body, the better you will be at accentuating your positive features. Above all, if you are looking to appear ten pounds thinner, then you should master the amazing silhouette style technique. But if you are ever in doubt please know that we are here for you. Call us now and we can connect you with one of our certified consultants in your region.




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