Jeans For Genes Day

As today is Jeans for Genes day we thought it is a great idea to share with our readers all about this major event. It’s held every year on the first Friday of August. Each year more than two million Australians wear their favourite jeans in hope to raise money and donate much needed funds in aid and support of the genetic research to advance the prevention and treatment of disease, leading to?healthier generations.

In today?s society Jeans are considered to be like the ?Little Black Dress? they need to be in every wardrobe. However as an image consultant I know that buying jeans is one of the essential but frustrating jobs, trying to stumble on the perfect jeans, as we all have different body shapes. Well, let me tell you, no matter what shape or size you are there is a pair of jeans just perfect for you.

Below you will find some of the most popular styles. Find the one that will be perfect for your body shape:

Straight Cut Jeans: The straight cut legged jeans will look great on everyone. It is a straight cut from the hip down to the leg. This is a chic and elegant style and will compliment any body shape. Can be worn with flat, medium or high heels.?

Skinny Cut Jeans: If you are blessed with a slim figure and have the long legs or the perfect body shape then do not go pass this style. The skinny cut jeans is a tight pair of jeans with a slim fit that will look great with flats, heels or knee high boots.

Flare Cut Jeans: The most common figure type among women is the triangular.? This body type needs to balance their upper body with the lower part. The flared cut jeans are narrow at the thigh and knee and flare out at the calves. It is one of the most sought after jeans because it is a classic style that will never go out of fashion and it look great with medium to high heels.

High Waisted Cut Jeans: A Long waisted woman will look great in the high waisted cut jeans. A more slender stomach and body, furthermore it will create the illusion of a bigger bust and longer legs. It is considered a more funky and fashionable item.

Boot Cut Jeans: The Rectangular body type will be able to wear the boot cut style successfully.? The boot cut jeans runs straight at the thigh but flares a little near the ankles and very similar to the flare cut style, however it?s slightly wider from the knee down. This particular style will look great with medium to high heels, however to have the perfect look for this style the hem needs to just brush your shoes.

Boyfriend Cut Jeans😕 Large thighs and backsides are diminished by wearing your boyfriends cut jeans. This particular style will give the wearer the ultimate comfort however it will also be perceive as a masculine look.

Wide Legs Jeans: If you are tall or would like to create smaller hips then opt for this wide leg cut jeans. It is fitted at the hips and very loose from the knee downward. High to medium heels are recommended.

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