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Traditional Business

Traditional business attire includes a business suit, a dress shirt and tie for men, while women are expected to wear either a skirted suit or a tailored pantsuit . Leather dress shoes with socks and/or hosiery are expected to accompany any traditional business attire outfit.

Business Formal

If you receive an invitation to an event that request you to wear business formal attire, then this level of dress wear is one step above traditional business attire and is usually required for an awards dinner, a political event or a variety of other business-related events.

Business formal attire does have specific requirements, as both men and women are expected to wear a dark-tailored suit to the event. Also, business formal attire standards allow women to wear a skirted suit combo, hosiery and either closed toe or closed heel shoes. Men must wear a dress white shirt, cuff links, a silk tie and a pocket square ( white or silk) to the event.

General Business

General business attire is a genuine accepted standard everyday style to wear in the workplace. For men, the standard practice is to wear a dress shirt and tie. However, you?re not required to wear a suit in the workplace, as a sport coat with dress slacks is accepted.

For women, a lot more variety is accepted as general business attire in the workplace. You can wear a pantsuit, a business-style dress or coordinated business-like separates. If you chose to wear a separate outfit, then a tailored dress jacket is also required.

Business Casual

Business casual is accepted wear for the workplace on weekends and on the occasional Friday. Some companies will require men to wear sport coats with a casual shirt, slacks or tailored separates. Neither look requires a tie or fine knit trousers. Other companies will accept khakis and a knit golf shirt for business casual attire. Both looks require a leather belt, shoes or sneakers to meet the business casual attire standard.

For women, they can wear a pantsuit or tailored separates (skirts, slacks, blouses, sweaters and jackets) as their business casual attire. Sandals are accepted shoes to wear in this business environment. Some companies will encourage some accessory look to accompany a person?s business casual attire



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