How To Use the 4×4 Divine System

Benefits Of The 4X4 Color System

We introduced you to the 4×4 Color System last week, showing you that color can be applied to all facets of your life with consistency and ease. This week, we are going to delve further into the 4×4 Divine System. Welcome to the ByFERIAL tools and technology that are going to remove all the guesswork in color-coding individuals. 

Using The 4×4 System: It’s All About The Fours 

You have the four seasons – Spring, Winter, Autumn, and Summer against the four skin tones – Pure, Tinted, Toned, and Shaded. If you missed how color is applied from seasons and tones, then check out our blog from last week. 

The 4×4 Divine System keeps with the application in fours. 

1) Compare Cool And Warm Colors 

The first of the four steps is the most important. You must first identify if your personal colors are on the warm or cool side of the color wheel. 

Remember, the 4×4 color system is always based on that color wheel, which means this is a critical step. 

Look to your skin’s undertone. Is it a blue undertone, which is on the cooler side of the color wheel? Or, is it a yellow undertone, which is on the warmer side of the color wheel? 

Test cool vs warm colors against your skin. What’s the reaction and reflection of each against both your skin and personality? 

2) Customize Depth And Lightness 

Once you make your cool or warm selection in step one, you’ll move on to customizing the selection as either cool deep, cool light, warm deep, or warm light. This is to enhance the color selection beyond the general skin tone category so that it further reflects your unique beauty. 

3) Identify Your Season 

Cool light is reflective of the lighter summer season. Cool deep is reflective of the darker winter season. Warm deep is reflective of the darker autumn season. Warm light is reflective of the lighter spring season. 

4) Confirmation

Try out precise color swatches against your skin and personality to find a combination that affirms your 4×4 results. You’ll see that the energy and look your colors have yielded enhance your total image – aesthetics, self-esteem, and comfort. 

You’re One Decision Away From Color Success: In-Person or In-App?  

The 4×4 system is the original (physical drapes) for your traditional face-to-face color analysis. It offers you the know-how to correctly, easily, and consistently match color to person. The tangible application is priceless, and it has become a staple in the personal stylist’s tool bag. 

Now, we are beyond excited to add another application technique, or virtual drape, to the 4×4 system. Use the 4×4 color app to apply the same correct, ease, and consistency to matching color to person! With this addition, anyone, anywhere can master the use of this life-changing color system. 



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