Benefits Of The 4X4 Color System

Benefits Of The 4X4 Color System

Color matters! You have your style down. You know the exact dynamics and dimensions of what type of clothes and accessories flatter your body perfectly. But, are those choices the right color? If not, all your attention to detail in the physical fit may still be a misfit. 

Color is the egg to the old question of whether the egg or the chicken (style) crossed the road first. In reality, it doesn’t matter which crossed first… just that they both end up on the same side of the road! 

Why Color Matters 

In previous weeks, we’ve discussed what the 4×4 system is and how to use it, including the new 4×4 app that offers unlimited access to the system. But, you may still be wondering why you should use it. What’s the value proposition of using a color system if you have your style choices already so fine-tuned. 

There’s a psychology behind color. It attracts attention. It invites an emotional response. It’s a non-verbal communicator. In fact, a recent Canadian study showed the 90% of consumer-first impressions come from assessment of color. It also impacts the way you perceive your own reflection – your comfort, your energy, your self-confidence. 

The reality is that you look younger, slimmer, healthier, and more on-point with your image messaging when you wear the right colors for your clothes, accessories, hair, and makeup. 

Your body is the home you carry with you everywhere, and its colors should reflect your personality, energy, and tone. You wouldn’t paint your street address home in colors that don’t flatter or offend… so why would you do it to your bodily home? 

Just as you can see how devaluing it is when a beautiful address with high-end components and all the added amenities sits on the housing market unsold because buyers can’t see past the bad coloring choices, you’re leaving yourself devalued when you wear the wrong colors, even if you have the right style and fit. 

No amount of high-end fashion, expensive haircuts, best brand makeup, or even plastic surgery will hide the negative effects of wearing the wrong colors. 

Meanwhile, when you know and apply the right colors to your image, you’ll shine. You automatically command attention and look and feel like your most authentic self. That’s what really gives you an edge when it comes to your personal and professional image! 

Don’t forget that your image is the first nonverbal communicator that onlookers use to interpret your brand message. Express yourself with clarity and confidence by applying the right colors to all that speaks for your brand – your wardrobe, website, office space, business cards, social media profiles, and so forth. 

Are You Ready To Get Started? 

The 4X4 Color System is a tool that you can’t afford to dismiss. This revolutionary system is an investment in who you are today and who you could become tomorrow with the right tools to bolster your total look into becoming the total package! 

We’d like to invite you to learn more about how to use this incredible color system and all the benefits it holds for your professional and personal imagining endeavors. 

Where do you start? We recommend reading The Evolution of Color as your starting point. 



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