How to Turn Heads When You Enter a Room

Dress to Express

Do you want to enter a room and turn heads in the right direction? If so, you better know how to act and look the part right down to finest of nuisances.?

What?s Your Power Color?

Most people know the subconscious meanings associated with certain colors, such as blue for conservativeness, red for assertiveness, and gray/beige for neutrality. While these generalizations make an impression, there?s an even more powerful and very personalized consideration in your color choices.?

Did you know that everyone has their very own signature power color??

Your power color is that complementing color that makes you specifically stand out in even the largest crowd of competitors. Celebrity stylists use it to ensure their stars make indelible impressions on the red carpet.?

Once you know your signature power color, you can command it to invite all eyes and attention to yourself.?

How Do You Know Your Power Color?

The secret to using color to command the right kind of attention is in matching what you put on your body from head to toe with your body?s coloring.?

Look at your hair, skin tone, and eyes. What?s the contrast??

  • Low contrast – your features almost monochromatically blend together.
  • Medium contrast – your features have either low and medium or medium and high contrast mixing together.?
  • High contrast – you have opposite ends of the spectrum blending together, such as light blue eyes against jet black hair.?

You?ll want to match what you wear with your own personal contrast. In other words, if your coloring is high contrast, then your outfit should be high contrast. This creates your own personal power color wheel and absolute harmony between your body, dress, and message.?

Should You Wear Accessories?

Your clothing may be the piece de r?sistance, but your accessories are the cake topper. They?re that final point in your outfit selection being labeled as a hit or miss, and a lot can go wrong if you?re not very selective in your choices.?

Whether it be a professional, sporty, or fun mood, wearing your accessories in the right color, location, and size is the key to accessories being complementary to your outfit verses taking over your outfit. And, you never want your accessories to take over your look.?

How To Place And Size Accessories

Just as with clothing, the most important detail of selecting an accessory is your body scale. You want to make sure its sizing and placement is balanced and complimentary to your unique body scale.?

What is your body scale ? Look in the mirror at your frame and bone structure in relation to the average person. This will tell you if you?re considered small, average, or large.?

Remember, you can be a certain size in stature and still have certain body parts that fall on a different spectrum of the body scale. You could be petite with small wrist and ankle bones, for example, but have a larger neck.?

So, keep the area of the accessory in mind for sizing and placement, too. Is it overpowering? Is it accessorizing your best feature, not highlighting self-conscious areas??

How To Count And Color Accessories

A common mistake that people make is in going against their power colors with their accessories. Don?t. Use the same power color chart you used for your clothing. There?s not a magic number, but there are some guidelines you can use to keep with less is more:?

  • Only one trend at a time; don?t mix and match.?
  • Nothing distracting; no noise or reflections when you move.?
  • Nothing that contrasts against the style of your outfit and confuses onlookers, such as a sports watch with a cocktail dress.?
  • Look in the mirror. Do you look like you?ve been playing in your parent?s jewelry box? Is the first thing you see your accessories? Do any look or feel uncomfortable? If yes, then start removing some accessories.?

Finishing Touches

Once you have your power color outfit and accessories set, add those final touches with a complementary hairstyle. Ladies, don?t forget to carry your power colors over to your makeup and any hair accessories.?

Of course, hygiene and neatness should be there, too. Nothing ruins a perfect outfit quicker than being wrinkled, disheveled and full of yesterday?s body odor. If you signal that you take pride in yourself, then others will be a lot more willing to entrust you with areas that affect their own health and well-being.?

In closing, your look has great power over your success, and your color choices have great power over your look. Before you ever say a word, the color of your outfit, accessories, and how it corresponds to you has already spoken volumes. If it?s success you seek, then begin with knowing and using your signature power color. Try it and see how quickly you?re turning heads in every room you enter.?

Our aim is to inspire and empower people of all walks of life to face their challenges head on, no matter what age, size, color or budget they have and reach their greatest potentials. For a simple?tweak?or a complete overall new look, we are here for you.

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