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In today?s fast moving world, looking sharp and good has become a necessity. Therefore, making people look good and help them improve their image is also a booming industry. These people are called Image Consultants. Their job, as the name suggests, is to help the clients improve on their looks and style and also improve their dressing sense. In all, they help the clients in looking smart for any occasion.

There are various courses on the internet which you can avail to become a certified Image Consultant. The courses also include how to start an Image Consultant Business. The online course helps you shape your skills and etiquettes so that you can impress any client. Because the tag which is apt for this business is: Impress and Help Impress! If you are a person who loves helping people improve on their looks and communication skills, this job is for you. Being an Image Consultant provides exciting rewards and would help would build a reputation in the fashion and style industry. This online course on starting your own business would include:

  • How to start your business with little or no money.
  • Getting links to information and success stories.
  • Choosing an apt name.
  • How to structure your office and price your services.
  • How to identify potential clients and market your services.
  • How to get good referrals and make business contacts.
  • Sample business contracts and invoices to help sustain the business.

The whole idea of providing the course is to make quality professionals in the fashion and image industry who can guide people to make them smarter and look brighter, so that they can achieve more in their life. Apart from learning the nuances of starting a business, you will also get to know the various opportunities that this business can offer. You can come in contact with various other people who are in this profession and interact with them. You can find more job avenues and use your skills to explore the niche markets of the fashion industry.

But, before you start with the online course, you need to complete a 5 day intensive training in a class with us. This training session will provide you with the basics of the business and help you understand the course better. Empower yourself with the art of Image Styling. Become an Image Consultant. ?




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