How To Select Your Accessories to Complement Your Face Shape

How To Select Your Accessories to Complement Your Face Shape

While there are no real hard and fast rules for self-expression and individual style, there are some quick and easy accessory tips that can elevate your look and bring more attention to your face. We all know that if we can keep someone’s attention long enough, then we will have a more significant impact on them! In this post, we will go over some accessory styling tips to help you enhance your style, draw more attention to your face, and balance out your look!


A Complete Guide To Earrings & Face Shape


I can’t count how many times I’ve selected a pair of earrings because I thought they were just so beautiful or cool. Unfortunately, I’d get home, try them on, and they were a total fail! If you can relate to my story, a huge reason for this is that when earrings don’t fit your face shape, they don’t enhance your face. So, hopefully, this short and sweet guide will prevent you from making the same mistake that I’ve made…countless times.


The 4 Rules of Earrings & Face Shape


#1 Select Earrings Based on Face Size

Ultimately, the main rule for earrings is to select earrings that are proportional to the face size. A large face shape should opt for larger earrings, and a smaller face shape should go for smaller earrings!


#2 Select Earrings Based on Face Length

The length of earrings should be the opposite of the face length. In other words, a shorter face shape should go with longer earrings and a longer face length should opt for shorter earrings. 


#3 Select Earrings Based on Face Shape

The shape of earrings should compliment the face shape. Therefore, a round face will do well with earrings that have sharp and angular edges, while an angular face will be enhanced with earrings that have softer and rounder edges. 


#4 Pay Attention To Earring Focal Points

Avoid earrings with a low focal point if your face shape tapers down to a narrow or sharp chin. 


Next Stop: Glasses For Your Face Shape!


Whether you’re struggling to find the perfect eyeglasses or sunglasses, be sure first to select lenses that work for your face shape. Regardless of the glasses style, you’re looking for, professional, trendy, fun, etc., the frames you choose will ultimately dictate how you look. The size, shape, or lens frame of a pair of glasses can misshape your face.  Let’s go over the top tips to help you select the perfect pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses!


Tip #1 Did You Know Glasses Can Make Your Eyes & Face Look Smaller?


The truth is that eyes will always look smaller after wearing glasses. Therefore the stronger the lens power, the thicker the lens, and the smaller the eyes – the worse the misshaping effect will be! 

  • Since glasses make your eyes look smaller, always pick a lens frame already smaller than your face. 
  • If you opt for excessively big glasses, this will misshape your face shape. 
  • However, opt for a thicker rim if you prefer a more oversized frame. A large rim will be thick enough to mask the misshaping effect from the lens. 


Tip #2 Don’t Cover Your Eyebrows With Eyeglasses


  • Choose a glasses frame with an upper rim thickness for your brow-to-eye distance. A good rim thickness sits directly in between your eyebrows and your eyes. If the glasses sit too high, then they will cover your eyebrows and misshape your face and create an imbalance, making your head look bigger visually. 
  • If you have a close eye to brow distance or a longer mid-face proportion, avoid the upper half rim glasses style. 
  • If you have a wider distance, then they’re a good frame for you. 


Tip #3 Accentuate Your Facial Proportions


  • A long face shape and longer mid-face proportion will do great with a longer-length lens shape. This extended length of the lens frame occupies the blank area of the mid-face, creating better balance to the facial proportions. 
  • Glasses with a thicker rim will also help weaken the visual impression of a long midface. 
  • If you have a long midface, avoid rimless glasses. 
  • Rimless glasses look much better on face shapes that have a short midface and give them a lighter and airier impression. 


Tip #4 Balance The Features Of Your Face

  • Select frames that are the opposite shape of your face. 
  • Square or diamond shapes should opt for round, oval, or cat eye-shaped glasses to accentuate protruded edges. Cat eye glasses shift attention away from your jawline and focus attention on the upper part of the face. 
  • Round and oval face shapes should select angular frames to help sharpen and define. 
  • The darker the color of the frame, the more visual weight will appear on the face and the more traditional and formal they will look. 
  • Avoid allowing glasses to steal attention from your delicate features and go for metallic frames instead. 



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