How To Look Slimmer Using Focal Points

One of the greatest professional tricks for creating the illusion of weight loss is designating a focal point with your style. Moreover, choosing a focal point is an invitation tool that invites people to look at you. What is more, you are creating a boundary and control mechanism for what you want people to look at and what you do not want people to view. More specifically, if you do not want people to look at a specific area on your body, then you should keep that part remote and quiet. Additionally, there are subtle ways to produce an accentuated focal point as well as veil unattractive features.

Creating Illusion with Focal Points

Using Focal Point to Look Slimmer


How To Look Ten Pounds Lighter And Slimmer By Focusing On A Specific Point

However, on the other hand, if you have areas on your body that you would like to accentuate, then you should place a focal point that highlights that target area. A focal point is like an advertisement ad for your body. Taking this analogy further, businesses advertise their positive attributes and do not highlight their negative elements to customers. This application is also applied to style and creating the illusion of looking thinner. By focusing on your attractive areas, you are taking the focus away from less desirable parts of your body.

Further, a focal point is anything that grabs your attention. It is a way to control what people look at as well as a type of outfit selection. In other words, you can create focal points by choosing the right patterns and accessories. For instance, you can carry a handbag, a brooch, an attractive lipstick or eye shadow. In short, anything that calls attention to a specific area is considered a focal point.

Therefore, if you want to call attention to your upper body, then you should place a significant element at the top of your outfit. On the other hand, if you would like to show off your legs, then you should direct attention to the lower part of your body. Overall, this simple technique should effectively communicate to people pinpointed areas of your outfit, which will also create the illusion of looking lighter and thinner. The best rule of thumb is not to wear more than two focal points in any given outfit.

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