How To Do Virtual Color Analysis

virtual color analysis

Are you ready to go on a color analysis expedition that will leave you wondering why you ever thought color was so difficult? Discover everything about color that you never even knew you needed to know. It’s the perfect time to jump aboard this journey into the depths of some of the most prized industry secrets, such as 4×4 Virtual Color Draping, that some of the most successful pros use every day.

Buckle Up And Enjoy The Ride

The key to your journey being all it can be is to park your previous vehicle (ie what you’ve always done) at the gate. Forget everything you thought you knew about color.

This is all about a fresh mindset and blank canvas. So, it’s important to take a moment to clear the clutter of the past away so that your future path doesn’t feel like an obstacle course. Ready?

This adventure is going to begin back at the basics. Why go back so far when you feel like you have so much knowledge already under your belt? To erase bad habits, misinformation, and methodologies that simply aren’t working for you, it’s imperative hit the reset button.

Ask yourself why you’ve been feeling so lost. Is it because you’re complicating something that’s actually very straightforward? Is it because you’re over thinking or over analyzing a simple process? Is it because you’ve been using an old system, fed the wrong information? Is it because your system is inefficient or ineffective?

If you’re struggling with color, the answer is simple. It’s time to learn from the pro how to simplify analyses and color code individuals the right way. What’s the right way? Our proven 4-step method will become your best asset.

Refresh, Revamp, Reinvent

Ferial Youakim is a highly revered pro when it comes to color selection, and she’s managed to simplify the process so that almost anyone can get it perfect. How can you learn Ferial’s process?

Join us as this leading master in virtual color analysis and inventor of The Universal 4X4 Color System – (16 Seasons) ® helps anyone struggling with color go from lost to found.

This webinar is designed to quickly and thoroughly refresh, revamp, and reinvent your color skills and knowledge. You might think that would take months, or even years, but Ferial breaks it all down in just 4 weeks.

You’ll learn how this system is based on a unique blend of Science and Art. You’ll also have the opportunity to join the 4×4 community so that you can use the system to advance yourself personally and professionally.

Participants will have an amazing hands-on experience as they complete their own personal step-by-step color analysis. Ferial will guide you through everything, including each individual step and her four secrets.

There’s more to these training webinar…

  • In-depth history of color analysis.
  • Discover Color Wheel history, illustrations, and modifications.
  • Learn to identify cool and warm undertones.
  • Learn the differences between the four seasons/groups and all the sub-seasons.
  • Discover how to determine your own colors and the techniques behind the process.
  • Demonstration on conducting a complete virtual color consultation with 4X4 virtual drapes.
  • Learn how to select and combine colors in makeup and fashion.

Go back to the basics and allow Ferial to prove just how simple color really is when you have the 4×4 Color System in your corner.

Will You Join Us For This Exciting Training?

Virtual color analysis isn’t that complicated so long as you’re working with the right knowledge and using the right methodology. We are excited to offer you just that asset with this Ferial Youakim webinar.

  • Do you want to know your personal colors to advance your career, relationships, or esteem?
  • Are you a color consultant looking for a reliable system for your business?
  • Are you a color analyst looking to make the transition to virtual?
  • Have you always dreamed of becoming certified as a 4×4 color consultant?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then this webinar is ideal for you. Don’t hesitate and miss this opportunity to learn how to use this simple, innovative system from the master herself.

Book Your Spot Today

We all know that accurate color selection is an art form that is essential to your personal and professional appearance and perception. After all, a simple color selection can communicate a tremendous amount of info about everything from the wearer’s mood and confidence to the selector’s credibility and professionalism.

Bottom line: Color has the power to make or break your successes, but color selection doesn’t have to be a complicated or daunting task.

Don’t struggle. Don’t allow this vital component to hold your looks or career back. Instead, grab the wheel. Take this journey with us as we learn about mastering an amazing system that removes doubt, confusion, and chaos out of the color wheel.

Are you ready to book your spot for this special training to master 4×4 Virtual color analysis? Don’t delay. Spots are limited and booked on a first-come basis. We can’t wait to see you there!



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