Fearless Leaders Lead By Example


Being a fearless leader is often confused as being absent of fear. Nothing could be further from the truth. The best and most successful leaders have all the same fears as anyone else, but the difference is that fearless leaders charge forward through that fear to their goals instead of allowing it to halt their progress.

Here?s another truth: Every single wave of success has hard work and challenges in its wake. Without the conviction to overcome the fears of getting your hands dirty and battling those challenges, it?s impossible to ever reach your wave of success.

If you?ve followed my journey, then you know I?ve had my fair share of challenges and setbacks in the wake of achieving my goals. One of the biggest was realizing that there?s a huge difference between being first in line and being a leader.

Through firsthand experience, I?ve learned that leadership is only successful when it both pushes you, the leader, toward greatness and shows others following your lead how to push themselves toward greatness. Successful leaders learn quickly that their biggest fear/challenge to push past is leading by example, which is being willing to do, not just demand and command.

Realize that active leadership is often a thankless job. Most people never tangibly see the dedication, time, work, and effort fearless leaders put in behind the scenes of success. But what they do see are the results in both themselves and the brand they represent.

Use The Three H Strategy To Build Your Brand

In any industry where you provide help to others, you?ll want to implement the 3H strategy. It?s fundamental to building your brand and extends your bottom line further than you ever dreamed possible. What does 3H entail?

  1. Heart to persevere and empathize with others.
  2. Head to plan the journey.
  3. Hands to do and demonstrate for others.

In completing every challenge with the 3H strategy, you embody fearless leadership and even play a hand in creating this industry?s future fearless leaders. What does having heart, head, and hands take from you?

  • Harness your team; actively listen to them and recognize each?s unique value, skills, and abilities.
  • Use both the celebration of success and the acknowledgment of failures as learning experiences to continually improve.
  • Value honesty, truthfulness, and trustworthiness as prized attributes.
  • Match every word to an action by leading by example, following your own rules, and never being willing to ask of others what you aren?t willing to do yourself.

Reaching your goals and achieving long-term success as an image consultant or any other industry representative hinges upon keeping the 3H strategy front and center. It?s the only way to consistently build trust, and we all know that trust is crucial to leadership.

After all, your heart, head, and hands have a powerful and vital role in the lives of your clients that extends beyond merely mechanically changing their outward appearance. From self-esteem, confidence, and personal empowerment, you?re playing a role in enhancing how they view and feel about themselves as a person. In turn, you?re assisting them in finding quality jobs, relationships, friendships, and so forth.

Image consultants don?t make ?ugly? people ?beautiful.? Instead, they remind everyone that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Believe you?re beautiful, and you are beautiful. It?s an empowerment that helps each find their very own version of ?to thine own self be true,? and that?s a priceless service.

Your clients look good. They feel good. They?re thinking big. They?re dreaming big. As a result, they?re finding their passions and reaching for their highest sense of self and potential. Through your fearless leadership, you?ve done and shown with your heart, head, and hands. In the end, you?ve empowered your client to be their own fearless leader.

The bottom line is that respect, trust, and success are earned. If you want these, then you must be willing to push past challenges, and you can?t just use the brute, commanded force of others to do so. You have to be willing to step up to do and teach in equal measure.



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