Color Analysis: How to Make Any Color Work For You

When you want to grab attention and look your best at all times, using color analysis is a great way to reach your goal. The problem is that some women avoid it because they believe that color analysis requires them to give up their favorite colors, which is not the case. Although the color analysis system can do wonders for highlighting your natural features, nobody has to stop wearing the colors that they enjoy. As long as you know why the rules exist and how different colors will impact your visual appeal, you will have some flexibility.

Safe Zones

When you want to use colors that don’t fall within your palette, understand that colors worn on certain parts of the body will impact your complexion more than others. You can use almost any color below your waist without much risk, but areas above your waist will play a role in your results. The items that you wear around your neck and near your face are vital, and you will want to stay within your palette in most cases. If you want to mix the colors around your waist or stomach, use your best judgment.?

Keeping Your Needs in Mind

Even though the color analysis system can give you some insights on how to look fantastic in any situation, you will always want to keep your tastes in mind. If a color appeals to you but is not within your palette, remember that you will always have the final say. Rather than viewing color analysis as a set of restrictions, look at it as a guideline that will point you in the right direction. Once you understand how various colors will alter your appearance, you can determine when breaking the rules is appropriate. The clothes that you wear and the colors that you choose are an act of self-expression, and only you can decide what message you want to send.

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