ByFerial 4x4 Colors of the Month

ROYGBIV is the Color of the Month for June

Rainbows are produced when sunlight strikes raindrops at a precise angle. These colorful phenomena have a rich history spanning continents and cultures. For many, they positively represent inclusivity, diversity, and

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Laptop and Tablet on table with display reading social media marketing.

10 Killer Social Media Marketing Tips

An excellent social media strategy increases brand awareness, website traffic, and leads. All businesses need a social media presence, not only because customers expect it but also because it offers

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The Art of Networking for Business Prosperity

How to cultivate mutually beneficial, give-and-take, win-win business relationships. To quote entrepreneur and public speaker Porter Gale:  “NETWORKING IS YOUR NET WORTH.”  Often perceived as disingenuous or exclusionary, networking has

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social media branding

How to Brand Yourself on Social Media

Social media is a fantastic resource for crafting your brand and driving tangible results; with millions of people actively seeking out information and resources, you have a tremendous opportunity to

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ByFERIAL Company Branding

Discover The DNA of Your Brand

A personal brand identity establishes your reputation and sets you apart from competitors, bringing focus and purpose to your business. Running a business – even if it’s just you as

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