Apply Your Makeup Like a Pro in 4 Minutes!

Apply Your Makeup Like a Pro in 4 Minutes!

Finding the perfect foundation is the key to a makeup look that lasts all day. Unfortunately, most makeup aisles do not always have the lighting or the mirrors to help you achieve the right color. That’s why it’s essential that you figure out your skin tone and undertones before purchasing foundation or tinted moisturizer. Once you’ve selected and finalized your foundation and coverage level and are confident the product will last all day, it’s time to put together the rest of your look! Here are our top makeup tips to help you go from disheveled to dazzling in just 4 minutes!


It’s All In The Prep

The foundation on your skin will naturally oxidize as it mixes with the oils on your face throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than a long day at work, traveling, clubbing, or at an evening event, and having to continually reapply foundation or powder. Before even applying foundation, start with a primer. Primer grips the foundation and creates a smooth canvas. It also creates a fresh, dewy, and glowy base. You can opt for a mattifying primer if you have oily or combination skin. Remember, the primer doesn’t have to be used all over your face. You can simply apply it on key areas like the T-zone, eyelids, or wherever you tend to be most oily. 


Go For Combos

Consider buying pallets that already have everything you need to create dimensions. For example, a highlighter palette can come with a highlighter, blush, and bronzer all in one. Take your bronzer, apply and blend it in an E-3 shape from the temples, cheekbones, and jawline. Finish off with a highlighter on your cheekbones and blush on the apples of your cheeks – voila! Your skin is now luscious, glowing, and ready for the final touches. 


Consider Variety and Pop!

A great trick that I love is to opt for colored mascara if you don’t have time for eyeshadow. It’s a great way to add a beautiful pop of color to the eyes without having to go into a full-on layering, eyeshadow palette. If you have a quick video call, a doctor’s appointment, or a regular work day that doesn’t require the full look, colored mascara will give your eyes a beautiful, simple, magnifying look. Many brands offer waterproof colored mascara in shades like blue, purple, lavender, pink, green, and even white, turquoise or, orange. If you’re feeling playful, need to save time, or want to color code – you’ll love this simple, elegant, and beautiful make-up trick!

The Best Discovery Ever…

My last tip has been a godsend. When I discovered tinted chapstick, I got many immediate benefits. In addition to giving you a natural lip tint color, you get the hydrating benefits that matte or long-lasting lipstick can sometimes deprive you of. Additionally, if you want to skip the combo highlighter palette I suggested above and opt for a more natural cheek tint and save more time, you can use the tinted chapstick on your cheeks, chin, and tip of the nose. This will give you a natural, dewy, healthy, flush color. Plus, many tinted chapsticks also have some shimmer, giving you that natural reflective lighting effect. Truly, this is one of my favorite makeup tricks. It helps me save so much time when I just want to fly out the door and still feel great.


What Can Confidence Do For You?

True confidence in business and life comes from feeling great. When we feel good, we are more likely to make better decisions, try new things, put ourselves out there and take greater stock of where we want to go next with our business and life. That’s why, as simple as make-up sounds, it can be a game changer in motivating you to get up in the morning and invest some time in self-care. Makeup can be a ritual, confidence-booster, and artistic or creative activity that supports you throughout the day and encourages you to take your life to the next level, step by step!

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