A Simple Yet A Remarkable ByFerial Makeover – Part Two The Before

Revealing the New Janine

Janine had a Fundraising Event to go to where all her friends and many members from her community were attending.? We decided to use this event to reveal the NEW Janine ? therefore our mission was to have Janine ready for this big event.

Janine?s transformation day arrived ? off to the salon ? make-up done ? fashion shoot. Janine commented that the only other day she had been so pampered was on her wedding day!?

She said that she felt so special and kept smiling when she looked at herself.

We walked into the event to squeals from Janine?s girlfriends.? A girlfriend who has known Janine for over 7 years literally had to look twice to recognize her.? It was the talk of the event ? everyone kept coming up and asking what had she had done ? she looked amazing.? Janine felt on top of the world!!? All through the correct colors and clothes that suited her body shape.? One girlfriend even asked for the name of her surgeon ? LOL

This is Janine after ?

When you look good you acquire a sparkle in your eyes and smile, take a look at Janine and see her real beauty coming from inside and shining through.

?Thank you so much Ferial, you have given me a new lease on life.? I was stuck in a rut after having my children and just felt so dowdy.? I now have an energy that I?ve never had before, and visit the mall with renewed enthusiasm.? My family and I love the new me!!? Janine

The Transformation

In the ?before? photos you can tell from Janine ?s posture, facial expression and whole demeanor that she just didn?t want her photo taken ? everything screamed ?I hate how I look?.

In the ?after? photos Janine is standing taller, her smile lights up her face and her eyes sparkle with happiness.

Now that Janine is aware that she looks good, psychologically she?s encouraged to keep making better food and exercise choices to make her new clothes look even better.

For all or any additional information on our makeovers contact ByFerial direct or email us [email protected] or to find a consultant nearest you please visit www.imageconsultantstraining.com



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