4 Simple Steps To Discover Your Personal Style

4 Simple Steps To Discover Your Personal Style

This week, we will go over discovering and creating a personal style. One may ask, “What are the benefits of having a personal style?” The truth is that there are many. Just like big companies represent who they are with their brand image, so do people. Your image tells other people a lot about you. It also creates a sense of confidence and power, because you know where you stand with yourself. When you are confident, others are more willing to trust you, listen to you, and follow your lead. Many executives, influencers, and entrepreneurs have built multi-million dollar businesses and large communities for these exact reasons. If personal success isn’t a key factor in creating your own personal style, how about a more stress-free lifestyle? Or more time and money back in your pocket? Defining your personal style will give you confidence, and influence, and save you time, money, and stress all the while simplifying your life. Here are 4 simple steps to completely turning your closet, and your life, into pure joy!


Step 1. Work With What You Love


We spent quite a bit of time last month going over how to declutter, detox, and reorganize your wardrobe. If you have not read those articles, please CLICK HERE. It’s essential to start this process with a clean slate. The goal is to go through everything you have in your wardrobe and let go of the items that you do not wear. Assuming you’ve done this, next, start to identify key pieces of clothing that you absolutely love. For me, these are always very familiar pieces that I wear every week! These clothing items will work as the backbone, the foundation, of your personal style. And don’t forget…just because you like something, doesn’t mean it has to be a part of your wardrobe!


Step 2. Create A Fashion Theme & Philosophy

There are a few reasons you would want to identify a theme and a philosophy throughout your wardrobe. The first is, because it will guide you when you purchase new items and prevent you from making costly, wasteful, and outdated shopping errors (like buying things that don’t last, fit, aren’t versatile, functional, etc.). One good way to do this is to notice what you find visually appealing and create a mood board or Pinterest stylebook.

Notice, are you drawn to simplicity and minimalism, comfort and nature, bright colors and patterns, vintage and antique, glamor and romance? Flip through some fashion magazines or online blogs, or simply notice the type of women (or men) that you admire. What kind of energy do they exude? What does their style say about them? What do you feel best about? What makes you feel most like yourself. It’s important not to judge yourself for your selections, but to be as honest and free as possible in this exercise. Essentially, we’re trying to discover the aspects of yourself that you love most. We are interested in bringing these aspects of you out into your wardrobe and image. 


Step 3. When In Doubt…Go Basic!

One big reason why basics are a staple is that they are versatile. You can always invest in high-quality basic items and use them as base items, or layering pieces. This gives you the ability to dress things up with accessories, or layer items that bring out the parts of you that you love. Basic items are pieces you can wear comfortably every day like jeans, t-shirts, cardigans, neutral-colored blouses, black pants, dresses, etc. Timeless items like these will never go out of style, and they always maintain their value and aesthetic. 


Step 4. Avoid Emotional Shopping

Listen – most women love to shop! I’m one of them. It’s simply part of our nature. But going into shopping mode without a plan, other than boosting your mood, often leads to impulse buys, regret, clutter, and overspending. If you’ve ever worked with a personal shopper, it’s similar to flipping through a lookbook. Hand-curated, quality items are often selected to help clients stay true to themselves, and not trends. That’s why it’s so important to already be feeling clear and good about yourself, your body, and your life when you go shopping. This really goes for any life decision. The truth is that when we make important decisions already feeling good, versus in order to feel better – they often end up being much better decisions. 


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