Top Wardrobe Decluttering & Organizing Tips From The Pros

Top Wardrobe Decluttering & Organizing Tips From The Pros

Did you know that most people own an average of 150 clothing items, and do not wear at least 50% of their wardrobe? With Spring in full swing, it’s time to get real about your wardrobe. The truth is that most women have plenty of items in their closets that still have tags on them, that don’t fit, that are duplicates, or that they simply don’t wear. I remember a time I decided to do a wardrobe edit, stood on a chair to push all the sweaters from the top shelf of my closet, and ended up with what I called a “sweater explosion”. I was drowning in a sea of yarn on the floor. As much as I loved my sweaters, they were more of a creative collection than functional or flattering. Undoubtedly, most of them had to go! Many times the issues in our wardrobes are not as glaring as in my sweater collection. Unfortunately, these sly blind spots lead to a lot of stress, spending, clutter, and confusion when we’re getting ready on a day-to-day basis. 

In this article, I’m going to give you the secret weapons to a wardrobe decluttering and organization edit that will give you more confidence, save you time, and help you feel refreshed and renewed…right in time for Spring! So, grab a cup of tea, put some music on, and let’s get to it.

Get In The Right Mindset

The very first step in any wardrobe decluttering is purging. Yes, that’s right. You can’t do anything until you detox. The most important tip I can give you before you undertake a wardrobe detox is to begin this when you have a “purge mindset”. If you’re feeling emotional or attached to your things, it will be much harder, to be honest as you’re going about your items and trying to toss them. In other words. Wait to do this when you’re in the mood to do it!

How To Toss Clothing Items That Don’t Belong!

Ultimately, what you want to look for are items that you do not wear. If you’ve had a professional color consultation, you’ll also be purging colors that don’t flatter your body and complexion. And of course, let’s be honest about whether something actually fits! If the piece does not work well with your body type, it has to go. In recent articles, we also discussed signature styles and lifestyles. This is really about getting to know yourself. Who are you, how do you live your life, what do you represent? Once you have core keywords like sporty, artistic, practical, vibrant, trendy, feminine…etc, you can use these words as guideposts to help you toss items. Another thing to keep in mind is duplicates. If you have 8 white shirts in your wardrobe, narrow it down to 5. If you’ve got 7 jeans try to pick the 3 best ones. Twelve black pants? How about only 8?

Pull Out Your Storage Bins!

Assuming you now have clothing items that work with your complexion, lifestyle, body shape, and accurately represent who you are, it’s time to sort your clothing. My suggestion is to make a few piles. Start with seasonal piles. While unpredictable weather patterns can always lead to the crossover of many items, do you really need that fur jacket, puffy vest, or leather coat right now? These are items that can go into storage bins under the bed or in the back of the closet. Other items that can go into storage may be gowns, costumes, or outfits that have a specific purpose.

Grab A Mirror & An Audience

Next, my suggestion is to get set up with a full-length mirror and put on some of your favorite music. It’s time to play dress-up. I love to do this with my husband. He always has fun when I’m trying on items and being creative with my outfits. If your kids, friends, or spouse want to grab some popcorn and help you out – I say, more power to you! The point of this is to truly see if things fit you and whether or not you feel good in them. If not, you know what to do! I love this activity because when you’re wearing something, you’ll know how you FEEL in it. Use this feeling as your compass.

The Last Step: Organization!

Now that you’ve put in the hardest part of the work, it’s time to undertake the most rewarding task. Organization! We all know how good an organized closet feels. Here are some category organization tips to choose from, based on your preference: clothing category (think skirts, jeans, blazers, tanks, etc.), season, style, length, color, and length.

Loving Your Wardrobe”? Take The Next Step!

Make no mistake about it! A clothing edit and wardrobe reorganization is a great way to make life a lot more stress-free. But, it’s also therapeutic, helps you feel more in control, and of course, ensures that you always look and feel your best. If you would like more expert wardrobe edit and organization tips, join our ByFerial Empower Group >>CLICK HERE TO GET 1 WEEK FREE NOW! You’ll get access to tools and resources to help other women with their biggest image styling challenges, and we’ll teach you how to build a successful business you love!



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