There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs

Stairs to Success

“I want to be the reason people don’t give up on their dreams.” 

Before you jump on the latest fad elevator promising you a smooth ride straight to the top, allow me to explain why you should take the stairs. 

From Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs to Ted Turner and Anna Wintour, many success stories, including my own, don’t start on the back of a college education. Instead, success begins from within – your dreams and ambitions being fulfilled to the highest degree one step at a time. 

I believe that having a dream is the most potent weapon in your arsenal, and I’ve dedicated my life to be the reason no one gives up on their dreams. From my successes and missteps, I also know for a fact that the quickest and easiest path to fulfilling those dreams isn’t always the best. 

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Success Doesn’t Hinge Upon Privilege 

Many of you know my story, but for those who don’t, I wasn’t born into a life of privilege, opportunity, or even safety. I didn’t have an elevator for an easy ride to the top. No matter how far I’ve come or where I might still go, I will always be the little girl with curls from the refugee camp, but that didn’t define my ceiling. 

Unlike many of my readers, I didn’t have the opportunity to attend university or the privilege of even finishing high school. That didn’t make me less, though. It didn’t mean I wasn’t intelligent, capable, and determined. I was. I am. Are you? 

The Path From Dream To Destination Is Daunting 

Back then, I did have a dream, a good heart, genuineness, and eagerness to give others a helping hand. Such attributes have served me well in business, and they’ve indeed strengthened the core of who I am as an entrepreneur and woman. 

I’m genuinely proud of my successes story and all that I have achieved in helping others find their path to success. The road to success is paved with hard work and sweat. For some, including myself, this tedious road ends up being long and winding. 

While some have a fancy map handed down to them by privilege and opportunity, others lay each stone by knowing their value and keeping true to their vision and mission. It’s my story. Will it be your story? 

In the end, I can attest that the destination makes every effort and long hour worthwhile. 

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Center Your Works Around Authenticity 

Is your dream being an image consultant? If so, you can’t even begin to start paving your path until you learn how to use one of the essential tools – authenticity. This tool isn’t something handed to you. It’s earned by trial and error. 

Being authentic isn’t just about being upfront and honest with what you do and how you do it. It’s also about the why. What called you to your role? We will all answer that a little differently, but the epicenter of the answer will always be a genuine passion to care for others truly. 

Join Our Empower Group

When you’re passionate about anything, it naturally calls you to be a role model, an example, a leader! You genuinely want to self-develop and enable others to realize and fulfill their version of the dream. 

Leading by example helps ensure clarity within our path, and it helps to ensure others can easily follow in our footsteps. My passion for this industry wouldn’t allow me to settle for anything less. 

Will you join me to be this change? This example, too? Remember, we may not be able to build a new world in a day or raise an army overnight, but we can add one person to the mission at a time. 

I did it, and so can you. Join our Empower group today to start your journey and answer your calling. Watch as your personal and professional brand grows beyond your wildest imagination into an authentic, diverse, focused entity. 

It’s okay if you have doubts. We’ve all been there. There’s always that little voice of trepidation in your head telling you that you aren’t smart enough, good enough, prepared enough, or available enough. I heard it. I struggled to believe in myself. I was afraid my voice and talents wouldn’t be good enough. Sound familiar? 

Are you listening to that inner voice of opposition? Well, that’s the real sap of privilege and opportunity. By simply saying “Yes, I am enough,” all the doors you thought were closed suddenly become wide open. 

All that’s left is for you to choose to walk through those doors. 

I decided, and what I found on the other side of my door was genuinely transformative. Along the way, I learned an inner strength I never knew existed. I found my voice, and I didn’t just use it for my gains. As I devoted myself to serving others and becoming a voice for those who didn’t have one, I found that those fears receded further and further away from the shores of my opportunities and ambitions. 

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To the naysayers, even from within, we take this moment to say STOP! 

Enough destroying our dreams and those of our peers and even competitors. It’s time to believe, not discourage. It’s time to build, not deconstruct. It’s time to accept the simple truth that we are all worthy and enough without regard to pedigree or educational degrees. 

Yes, I’ve been mocked and ridiculed because my voice and writing come out in broken English because it’s not my native tongue. But, instead of the former weaker me taking this as a disparaging insult that I’m not enough, the stronger me I’ve become know that such means that the commentators failed to realize this means I speak multiple languages! 

So, yes, let’s stop being petty and self-centered by putting other businesses and entrepreneurs down. Take a moment to listen to success stories like mine. You may try a different shoe on to learn something about yourself and your own business that will be monumental. Again, I’ve been there, but today, I’m able to see such close-mindedness as what it is – fear. 

Instead of allowing this fear to bring us down to judge and dismiss others, we must adopt an uplifting mindset that’s always willing and ready to learn and teach. I didn’t build a brand name for myself and the global system by closing doors I haven’t bothered to look within. 

Welcome To The Start Of Something Enlightening 

Life needs a purpose and direction; it also requires a vessel to take you to your desired destination. Togetherness is that vessel, and boarding it will allow you to concur the sea of fear that’s either holding you back from knowing you are enough or making you dismissive of a crew of helpers.  

It wasn’t easy for me, and it likely won’t be easy for you. The success that lasts is a staircase taken one painstaking step at a time, not an elevator straight to the top. But, I can assure you that the view at the top will be the same degree of breathtaking. 

Join me in this conquest to true happiness, inner strength, and success. I’ll be sharing all the tips, tricks, and steppingstones that I used to do my business into the global success it’s become today. I can’t wait to meet each of you! 



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