The GAME CHANGER – ByFERIAL’s Universal 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons ®

ByFERIAL’s color analysis training program is a GAME CHANGER for businesses and individuals. 

Color is all around you – from the clothes you wear to the interior decor of your home, office, and business. You intrinsically notice people who wear colors that enhance their natural beauty and bring out their personalities. And you’ll get why some environments are harmonious and calm and others chaotic and unsettling. 

That’s the power of color! 

Scientists and artists have harnessed the potency of color theory for centuries. Now image consultants, interior decor professionals, photographers, personal stylists, actors, models, and business owners can too!

Most color consultant courses are based on literature from the 1970s. But what if we told you there’s a new, groundbreaking approach offering an unrivaled level of color mastery? 

So, what’s so special about the Image and Color Institute’s system? Developed by Master Image Coach Ferial Youakim, the Universal 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons ® is the ONLY accredited image consultant course in the world, but that’s not all! 

More Advanced Than Traditional Color Theory

The traditional color analysis system is based on the four seasons; autumn, winter, spring, and summer – it follows an RYB (red, yellow, blue) scheme with 12 colors. We take this a step further and add personality and gray to every season, which creates a new range of possible tones producing more color combinations than ever! 

Therefore if someone is Spring, they can be Pure Spring, Tinted Spring, Toned Spring, or Shaded Spring. 

The Universal 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons ® organizes color according to: 

  • Personality: How personality and energy affects the selection of colors 
  • Hue: Is the color’s undertone warm, cool or neutral?
  • Value: How light or dark is the color?
  • Chroma: How bright and vibrant is the color?

Based on the Munsell Color System, our methodology is more intuitive and offers a scientifically-based approach for matching, mixing, and characterizing colors. The foundation of the 4 seasons is kept, but each has 4 additional categories.

This is important because older color theory wasn’t inclusive of all skin types and didn’t reflect the myriad of possibilities that color has to enhance the personal style and lived environments. 

Whether it’s building a business brand or helping clients look their best, ByFERIAL’s color analysis training program helps people thrive. Through our training, we will equip you with the tools you need to succeed in your personal life, career, and business.

Put your brand and clients first with the help of color theory! Not only will you drive success and maximize ROI, but our certified training program gives you the confidence and credibility to STAND OUT AGAINST COMPETITORS!

Use Color to Invest in Yourself and Grow Your Business

If you’re trained in a creative field; you probably have some knowledge of how color influences psychology and emotions. But, have you heard of color analysis, the 5A’s of Color, or the 7 Style Personalities? We’ll teach you all of these valuable tools and more!

Knowing someone’s colors helps you deliver insightful information about their energy and personality. When you understand the Universal 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons ®, you can create the perfect look and style for any person or brand based on custom color palettes.

Using the Universal 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons ® lets you confidently select enticing color palettes for clients, style looks and capture interiors, evoke contrast and drama, or choose tonal neutrals and color themes to complement your client’s personalities.

Our in-depth program is designed to help individuals and brands understand how color enhances products, services, and sales. It departs from outdated approaches offering image consultants new knowledge and skills to impress clients and MAKE MORE MONEY. 

Is It Right For You?

When clients wish to redo an interior or make over their appearance, what do they really want? It’s not just about color. It’s about helping their stores sell products and guiding people to dress in a way that makes them look and feel their absolute best and authentic selves! 

With the Universal 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons ® training, you’ll know what colors and styles suit their personalities and enhance their natural beauty. 

It is easy to learn our system, whether you want to become a master consultant or are interested for personal reasons. As well as being highly teachable and straightforward to learn, The Universal 4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons ® delivers consistent and accurate results. 

Our ANSI/IACET accredited training will take your knowledge and skills to the next level and give your business a competitive edge that improves revenue. With ByFERIAL, you can Learn the 4×4 Color System from the creator’s viewpoint and become part of the color theory revolution.

What are you waiting for?

Knowing how to use color to create cohesion and vitality can be a GAME CHANGER for your business. With the knowledge and skills you’ll gain from the 4×4 Color System, you’ll be able to create stunning looks confidently. 

Sign-up for the Universal  4×4 Color System 16 Color Seasons ® today!




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