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Do you feel like you’re drowning in the deep end of the entrepreneurship pool? If so, keep in mind that panicked and distressed swimmers are the most dangerous. You become your own worst enemy and biggest hindrance to the business you’ve worked so hard to build. How do you flip the script? How do you retain success in such chaotic business times? 

Start Viewing Challenges From A Positive Position 

Change begins from within, but, as our industry proves, looking the part and feeling the part go hand and hand. 

Your perspective and mindset are your biggest assets. Use both to keep you moving forward, not looking backward. The language you use in your communications is much like the attire you’re wearing. If it doesn’t match your goal, then it’s an automatic loser, right? 

Being your own boss is far from easy, especially in these uncertain times. But, if it wasn’t a challenge, then the successes wouldn’t be nearly as sweet. So, remember that each challenge you face is just another step toward meeting a goal. 

Help ensure this mindset stays at the forefront by making your language reflective of your goals.  

Stop Selling The Wrong Thing 

The current state of the world has significantly raised the pressure to constantly evolve, adapt, and transcend as a business and entrepreneur. Do you feel like your business consumes all your energy and time? Do you feel that you’re working more often and harder for your business with little to nothing to show?

If so, your attention should be directed at your selling techniques. How are you selling your brand, fishing for leads, and engaging existing and perspective clients? 

If you’re merely selling a product or service, then you’re likely finding that you’re working extremely hard, spending exorbitantly on marketing, and still having little to show for it.

Stop. Don’t throw more ineffective selling tactics at the problem. It’s tempting to list your services and products with competitors, join multiple groups, use black hat marketing, or even throw more money at even more aggressive marketing. 

Trust me when I tell you that the above will not work. In fact, it will likely cause your business and reputation great harm.

Define Your Business, Not A Sales Pitch

You must remember that being an entrepreneur is a journey that you can’t simply plug into a GPS. There’s no end destination, and there aren’t any guarantees on the condition of the road itself. 

Take a big breath of fresh air. Exhale. Now, look around your space. The road may be a mess, but your business is still here. You’re a survivor! In this moment, you have a chance to define and explain your business’s worth and value and leverage everything that’s extraordinary about it. 

You’ll find that looking at your business, entrepreneurship, and trade from this perspective versus a selling perspective will help you regain the enthusiasm and joy you felt when you first began. And, that’s actually a must-have ingredient. Clients are very astute, and they can easily tell when a service/product provider is merely going through the motions for a buck verses passionate about their trade and brand. 

In this industry, B2C connections aren’t made via selling tactics and spec spreadsheets. They’re made by establishing a C2B brand investment. So, stop selling and start telling your story. 

Communications should convey the who, what, how, when, and where of your business proposition, not some regurgitated sales pitch off a marketing firm’s shelf. Allow onlookers to feel how invested and passionate you are and to discover the key points to your own success.

Once invested in your story, they’ll believe in the benefits of becoming part of your organization – whether that be as a client, team member, and/or brand ambassador. Existing group members will remember why they turned to you and just how invaluable they are within your group. 

Make what the product/service can do be relatable within your story, not just a listicle. Think about how your story has already made others feel, look, smell, think, and act like a winner. How many times has your story already made a huge difference in someone else’s personal story of seeking love, employment, or self-value? The result… your story gives the reader hope. 

So, to answer how you retain business in such uncertain times, the key is hope. It’s the most untainted, natural, and appealing selling feature you can offer. And, you offer it with your story, not a sales pitch. 

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