Toned Summer – Digital Guide and Swatch


The Toned Summer 4X4 Color Digital Swatch is made of top quality.

This palette was carefully created and can be used in various ways to look good and feel great. You can use this 4X4 swatch as a guide for hair coloring, makeup, fashion, interior design, wedding planning, and even cake decorating.

• Digital guide of the physical Toned Summer swatch
• Swatch has 60 of the most popular color of the seasonal palette
• Can be purchased with the physical product

The Toned Summer Swatch

Toned Summers are a season of dusty and ashy colors that appear late in the sum¬mer as the flowers begin to fade. Rose browns find the last rays of the sun in the early evening, and the dim light shows the beauty of the garden in a muted glow of both warm and cool summer colors. Grays, ashy pinks, muted reds, and purples succumb to the twilight with a beauty only seen early in the morning and early in the evening. Toned Summers’ beauti¬ful coloring is soft, delicate, barely muted, and reserved. They look stunning in colors that few can wear well. Their wardrobe and personal coloring blend with just the right touch and intensity of color to make them polished and refined.

The combination of colors must be aesthetically beautiful to the eyes to have the desired impact. With the 4X4 color palettes, you don’t have to waste your time working out what color goes with what? The swatches are made with careful consideration to create artwork with your color combination.

ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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