Level III: Certified Professional Image Consultant Training


Certified Professional Image Consultant: ByFERIAL Certified Professional Image Consultant intense training will take your love and passion for fashion into a profession. You will learn from the Image Masters how to creatively implement the seasonal look in Fashion, Style, Image, Color Analysis, Makeup, and Etiquette furthermore, how to become a Master in ‘Image Management & Personal Branding’.

Our 5 days intense Certified Professional Image Consultants training is offered to those who have successfully completed level I Certificate or qualified to enter level II. Our Certified Professional Image Consultants training is accredited internationally recognized and approved by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) for 3.8 CEUs. This training is conducted in a class format.

Module 1 – Fashion & Style

  • Figure Assessment and Body Proportion for
  • Men and Women
  • Line and Design Principals
  • The Fundamentals of Dressing for Different Body Shapes
  • Style Selection Criteria
  • Measuring Techniques
  • Personal & Professional Image
  • Wardrobe Organization
  • How to Run the Male and Female Style consultation
  • Image makeovers

Module 2 – Color Analysis

  • Color Theory
  • Universal Color Analysis
  • Color Analysis for Men and Women
  • The 4X4 Color Combination
  • Hands on Color Analysis Using Volunteer Models
  • How to Conduct One On One Consultation
  • How to Conduct a Color Group Session
  • Presenting Color Workshops and Seminar

Module 3 – Skin Care & Makeup

  • How to Set Up Your Studio
  • What Product You Need & Where to Get It
  • Selecting and Selling Skin Care and Makeup as an Image Consultant
  • Conducting Make-overs
  • Make-up Basics Applications Techniques and Tools
  • Airbrush & HD makeup
  • Day, Seasonal & Special Occasion Makeup application

Module 4 – Etiquette & Protocol

  • How to Introduce Yourself and Others
  • The Different Types of Handshakes
  • Eye Contact & Body Language
  • How to Remember Names
  • Starting and Ending a Conversation
  • Host & Guest Duties
  • Seating Etiquette
  • Dinning Etiquette
  • Table Manners
  • Napkin Etiquette
  • How to Handle Accidents
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Dining Etiquette
  • The American and Continental Eating Styles
  • Telephone & Cell Phone Etiquette

Module 5 – Business Building

  • How to Write a Business Plan
  • How to Find Clients and Run Consultations
  • How to Manage Your Business
  • How to Build Packages
  • How to Run Corporate and Fundraising Seminars
  • The Art of Selling
  • Marketing, Promotions and Advertising (what works, what doesn’t and why)
  • Creating Strategic Alliances
  • Networking
  • Creating a Strong Referral Base
  • Conducting Seminars and Consultations
  • How to Select a Business Name
  • How to Write a Business Profile

Module 6 – Fashion Stylist Field Trip

  • How to Set Up Your Styling Studio as a Personal Shopper
  • Designing the Pre Customer Profile Form
  • Designing and Using the Consultation Analysis Form
  • Booking Conducting and Closing the Consultation
  • Creating a Customer Portfolio
  • Customized After Sale Initiatives
  • Personal Shopper Role
  • Building Long Term Relationship With Clientele
  • Delivering Exclusive Services
  • Pre-Shopping and Fittings
  • Style Advising and Personal Shopping
  • Role Play and Implementation of All Steps of the Consultation
  • Closing the Deal and the Final Purchases

Module 7 – Photo Shoot & Portfolio Building

  • Understanding and Coordinating a Photo Shoot
  • Understanding and Working in Calibrating with Photographers
  • Field Trip To a Professional Studio* (depending on availability)
  • Selecting Fashion Style According to Theme
  • Selecting Accessories to Compliment the Theme
  • Selecting & Coordinating Hair and Makeup
  • Dressing up the Model
  • The Final Touches
  • Before and After Pictures
  • Deciding and Selecting Your Work
  • Presenting Your Professional Portfolio

Training includes:

  • Training workbooks
  • Measuring tools & equipment
  • Approx. 80 drapes for color coding and analyzing client
  • Set of 4X4 color swatches (one for each season)
  • Access to Top quality make-up and skincare
  • Access to the 4X4 color swatches
  • Access to the 4X4 fashion Palate
  • Access to the discount system
  • Forms & Templates
  • One year of Support & Mentoring

It is optional, though highly advisable to invest in a range of products to increase your profit further. We recommend a fashion line, skincare, or makeup to have at your disposal to cross-sell and upsell. We use and recommend the “4X4” products and fashion line, which can be arranged through ByFERIAL.

A formal dinner and graduation ceremony will be held on the last day of training to showcase and apply all practical knowledge learned through the training.

ByFERIAL Image Consultants Training:

ByFerial Certified Training is internationally recognized and approved by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) for CEU’s. Participants must complete all the assignments given during the training in order to earn CEU’s and obtain ByFERIAL Accredited certificate. Ferial Youakim is the founder and director of ByFERIAL image consulting and is the executive trainer along with an amazing team of Certified Master Image Coaches in the Beauty, Fashion, Image, and Etiquette industries. All the materials and tools used in our training courses are marketed and distributed by ByFERIAL.

ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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