Pure Winter


The Pure Winter 4X4 Color Swatch is made of top quality.

This palette was carefully created and can be used in various ways to look good and feel great. You can use this 4X4 swatch as a guide for hair coloring, makeup, fashion, interior design, wedding planning, and even cake decorating.

• Swatch has 60 of the most popular color of the seasonal palette
• Swatch is Silk-lined for durability
• 3 instruction swathes included
• Information on the back of each swatch
• Can be purchased with the digital product

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The Pure Winter Swatch

The Pure Winter palette includes a striking set of colors to liven the dullest day. In a medium-range, pure color enhances the bright and pure colors within their natural beauty. All of the bright wonders of winter are splashed on the palette of the Pure Winter. You can wear the starkest of colors, including black, white, gray, and navy while adding pure, beautiful colors to brighten and enhance their already gorgeous contrast. Pure red, yellow, blue, green, violet, and aqua are stunning on you. For an understated look, try charcoal with deep plum, burgundy, pine green, or deep tur¬quoise.

Pure Winters can wear both warm and cool colors as long as they are clear and bright. Muted colors tend to wash you out and make you look sickly. You are bright and energetic, and your clothing should help you bring out your natural beauty. Re¬member to work with the colors in your palette and carry it with you so that you can check to make sure you choose only your best colors.

The combination of colors must be aesthetically beautiful to the eyes to have the desired impact. With the 4X4 color palettes, you don’t have to waste your time working out what color goes with what? The swatches are made with careful consideration to create artwork with your color combination.

If you need help or have any questions, please reach out! We’re happy to help.

Weight0.1625 lbs
Dimensions3.5 × 1.5 × 1 in
ByFerial Image Consultant Training
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