FINISHING TOUCHES – ‘Can Make or Break Your Look’

Tiny Touches That Can Spoil Your look

FINISHING TOUCHES – ‘Can Make or Break Your Look’ 
Have you ever made an outfit purchase based on a retail display, but when you put it on at home, you found it didn’t look the same on you? One reason this happens is because you didn’t invest in the same finishing touches as that featured display. 

Maybe, you’ve stocked your closet with all the basics for a functional wardrobe, but your looks still just don’t seem polished? Again, this problem may be because you haven’t invested in the right finishing touches. 

Need help with getting your finishes on your looks? We have some exciting news for you and an opportunity you don’t want to miss. 

Are You Making Or Breaking Your Look? 

The truth is that even the most fabulous clothing can come off dull and lackluster if you aren’t applying those finishing touches. Think about a wall without molding or a flower bed without ground cover. Without those finishes and attention to detail, the aesthetics are broken. There’s either no visual draw or a visual draw that’s not positive, and you don’t want either for your look. 

Likewise, even the most basic outfits and causal attire can be taken to a power level when you select the right accessories to accompany it. 

Of course, the above is true in all situations and occasions. Whether the goal of your look is confidence, inclusiveness, openness, or any other message, those finishing touches are what capitalize your personal/professional message in a new, bold font. 

Consider TOP

Clearly, accessorizing your look is crucial if you want to take your appearance to the next level. However, before you rush out to grab some statement jewelry, belts, hats, purses, scarves, and so on, you need to always consider the acronym TOP. 

What’s TOP and why do you need to consider it? 

T – Time 
O – Occasion 
P – People 

Time helps you understand how to be comfortable, appropriate, and stylish. Styling a look for day vs evening wear can be quite different as it entails two very different categories of accessories that may hinge upon various facets, including climate, atmosphere, lightening, and so forth. 

Occasion is a huge consideration. This is the where you’re wearing your attire, and it looks quite different between a wedding, business meeting, gym, date, or cocktail party. Always ensure your outfit and its finishing touches are in harmony with the occasion. 

People is your final consideration. Who you’ll be around can often make time and occasion considerations take a slightly different course. You are you’re own brand, and it’s important to always know who you’re trying to reach with your brand message. And, yes, your style is its own very powerful brand message. 

Are You Ready To Accessorize With Confidence? 

Don’t be discouraged if TOP and the how’s and why’s of accessorizing seem like a lot to digest. With a little expert guidance and information, you can quickly learn how to accessorize with ease and confidence. We have an event that’s going to be a huge asset in your efforts. 

Book Your Spot For An Exciting Accessorizing Opportunity 

I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting the fabulous Laura Ratliff on October 27, 2020. Laura is a Certified ByFERIAL Image consultant and industry trailblazer. 

This is a rare opportunity to learn everything you need to know about accessorizing, including the correct style and color for your target looks. Are you silver or gold? Join us to find out! 

Remember, spots for such highly anticipated events go quickly. For non-members, the cost is just $49, and all Empower Global Network Members can enjoy this event for FREE! 

To register and ensure your spot today, simply follow thisRegistration Link. Laura and I can’t wait to see you all there!



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