Mrs., Miss & Miss Teen Australia International

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Mrs., Miss & Miss Teen Australia International is a competition that recognizes gifted women from across the continent. Unlike pageants that focus mainly on beauty, this contest emphasizes the talents, the accomplishments, the personalities, and the societal contributions of its participants.

Each of the contestants in this pageant is committed to a worthwhile cause of her choosing, and each is allotted time during the proceedings to speak about that issue. In so doing, these women are able to educate viewers about the steps that they can take to make a positive difference. What’s more, every winner spends a full year traveling throughout Australia and advocating for her beliefs.

This contest is part of the esteemed Mrs., Miss & Miss Teen International pageant network, an enterprise that celebrates women from all over the world. It has fast become one of the most distinguished and popular pageant brands on the planet, and many women have found that taking part in one of these competitions is a powerful way to influence others.

As the name indicates, each of these pageants crowns winners in three separate categories. The Miss Teen bracket is comprised of girls and young women who are between the ages of 13 and 18. Meanwhile, women who fall into the 19-30 age range and who are not married are eligible for the Miss division. The third title goes to a married woman who is between 21 and 56 years of age.

its not your gown or crown

During the Miss and Miss Teen segments of an International pageant, the interview counts for 40 percent of a competitor’s score, and the fitness, fashion, and evening gown portions each count for 20 percent. In the married women’s contest, there’s no fashion section. Thus, the interview counts for half of an entrant’s score, and the fitness and evening gown segments are each worth a quarter. Furthermore, all of the pageants that make up the International network are known for their equitable and consistent judging practices.

For all of these reasons, ByFERIAL Image Consulting & Training is excited to sponsor the Mrs., Miss & Miss Teen Australia International competition. After all, Ferial Youakim is dedicated to the primary goal of this pageant: the ?empowerment of women?. Plus, we’re always impressed by this contest’s finalists, all of whom serve as upstanding and outstanding role models for young people. They exhibit intelligence, maturity, humility, and compassion, and we simply couldn’t be prouder of them.

And now we are searching for our 2016 delegates to represent Australia. You could be Mrs, Miss or Miss Teen Australia International 2016 and join an elite group of women who strive to make a difference.

For additional information and application form email us on [email protected]



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