Let Your Face Lead The Way

Let Your Face Lead The Way

Your face is leading the way to a fashion victory, and you’re almost at the finish line. Great job!! You’ve got the hair, hat, and earrings to match your face shape. So, let’s get to the last leg of the race – your eyewear. 

Eyewear And Face Shape 101

Whether for vision, sun protection, or otherwise, eyewear choices have become a staple in the accessory world. With so many style choices, how do you pick the best features to highlight your features? Your face shape! 

1) Oval 

The length and roundness to this classic face shape is so versatile and easy to accessorize. Almost any frame will work, but wider and oversized frames look phenomenal. A proper fit is the key ingredient. Make sure earpieces are properly positioned as to neither pull the ear forward or out nor bend in. 

2) Square 

Always think in complementary opposites when it comes to accessorizing a square face, which is already strong enough without accentuating the natural boxiness to the shape. So, eyewear should be curvy and have soft edges. You’ll likely find a darker frame suits you best. 

3) Round 

Avoid oversized frames. Go with eyewear featuring square, rectangular, or otherwise straight lines. These sharper geometrical shapes offer angles to your curved face. Keep the frame narrow. 

4) Diamond

The goal here is to follow, not fight the shape of your face. Avoid hard angles, straight lines, and any frame that extends over your cheekbones. Curved styles will look best with the width at the bottom half of the glasses. Use color, patterns, or embellishments on the top half of the eyewear to bring more attention to the top of the eye. 

5) Triangular 

Balance your features with a soft broad and curved frame. The goal is the illusion of forehead width, which can be accomplished with a nice oval frame. I particularly like a frame that’s straighter and heavier at the brow-line and curved at the bottom to bring the eyes up. 

6) Inverted Triangular/Heart Glasses 

A feminine face needs a feminine frame. Think whimsical, soft, delicate, lightly colored, minimal patterns, and gently curvy. Don’t pick a frame too heavy or thick at the bottom. Wireless and semi-wireless frames are good choices. For inverted triangle faces, frames should be slightly heavier, thicker, and upturned to add forehead width. Cat eye and ovals work great.

7) Rectangular Glasses 

You’ll need a larger and more rounded frame to help soften your angles. Keep color, patterns, and pizazz at the top half of the frame and front of the earpieces. 

8) Oblong 

Avoid undersized and square frames. Round and oval styles work great, especially with color at the top.

Did You Find Your Face’s Ideal Eyewear? 

We’ve had an exciting month of accessorizing according to your unique facial features. The key to gaining your ideal total look is in matching what looks best according to your features with your own personal style. How did you do on finding your best eyewear? 

Need help figuring out your face shape and/or personal style? Well, that’s where a personal fashion consultant can help save the day and pull your look together to complement, not distract, from what makes you beautifully you. 



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