How To Make a POWERFUL Impact With Your Hygiene, Skincare & Makeup!

How To Make a POWERFUL Impact With Your Hygiene, Skin Care & Makeup!

As someone who’s worked for one of the top skin care companies in Southern California, I’ve been obsessed with beautiful skin for years. This week’s blog post will be my top guide to help you achieve beautiful skin…naturally! I’ll share with you the top tips that I learned working for DermaClara, a San Diego-based skincare brand focused on natural and healthy skin. 


In San Diego, the sun is bright and almost everyone is chasing the eternal fountain of youth. Since the beach lifestyle is everyone’s goal, women want the look of effortless, natural beauty. Sure, there are med spas on every corner and new skincare product lines pop up on the market continuously, but it’s important to know what it is that actually impacts your skin’s natural appearance in order to take the best care of it. 


What is good skincare really about? How can one embrace their unique skin type and ensure a fresh, healthy, and natural glow? We’ll explore how hygiene, skincare, and makeup work together to help you feel more confident, beautiful, and totally in control of your appearance!


The #1 Reason For Skin Damage


The truth is that as we age, we lose the primary protein that is responsible for the connective tissue that offers structural support and healing for our skin – collagen! Collagen production decreases as a result of aging, sun exposure, lifestyle choices like diet, smoking, stress, and alcohol, as well as poor blood flow. 


How to Increase Collagen Production!


The good news is that regardless if you’re struggling with fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars, stretch marks, or other skin issues, stimulating collagen production can significantly heal your skin…and it’s 100% possible. Increasing collagen production can help the skin repair itself and appear supple, firm, elastic, and plump. So, where to start? It’s essential to address collagen production from the inside out. 


Add Collagen to The Diet


Collagen is a protein found in the bone, skin, and ligament. To get collagen in the diet, you can opt for a bone broth or increase beans and eggs in your diet, which are also rich sources of protein. Additionally, there are so many wonderful collagen powders on the market today. Adding a scoop to an antioxidant-packed smoothie will work great to ensure that the skin is getting the proper nutrients. 


Stimulate Blood Flow in the Skin


Collagen requires blood flow and oxygen. Many products and cosmetic procedures can help the skin do this. However, an easy and at-home practice you can implement today is dry skin brushing and skin massage. Dry skin brushing has many well-documented benefits, including detoxification of the body’s largest organ – the skin. Massage can also be very helpful in stimulating blood flow and helping with lymphatic drainage in the deeper layers of the skin. You can also get a jade roller or a gua sha stone for this and get the same benefits. 


Skin Is Just The Beginning…


My guess is that if you’re interested in skincare, you are also a mindful person. Personal hygiene is all about self-love and mindfulness. Without it, you run the risk of making a bad impression and sending the wrong message and impact to people looking to you for leadership and influence. It is absolutely essential to take time for yourself, be present, and ensure that you have a ritual for cleaning and maintaining skin, teeth, nails, hair, hands, feet, and of course clothes. Clothing should always be clean and pressed rather than stinky and wrinkly. If you need to make time and create energy for a personal hygiene routine, I promise you that it will not only make you feel better about yourself, but will also send the message to others that you are a valuable, worthy, lovable, and trustworthy person.


Get The Perfect Makeup Ritual


Now, back to makeup! Skincare and makeup is 100% a personal preference. Some people like to use makeup for creative expression, others simply want to enhance their best features or hide flaws, while many simply want a natural look. No matter what your preference is, without beautiful and healthy skin underneath, makeup can only go so far. Once you have properly washed, toned, moisturized, and massaged your skin, it is prepped and ready to be enhanced and illuminated.


Tinted Moisturizer


One of the best makeup tips I can give anyone is to look into tinted moisturizer with an SPF. You can use tinted moisturizer as a base layer to your foundation or as your foundation itself, depending on the level of coverage you’re looking for. This is a great way to get fresh and dewy skin, prime the skin for thicker coverage, and of course, protect the skin from sun damage. Also, if you want a natural, on-the-go, low-maintenance option for minimal makeup, this is the way to go!


Brows Frame The Eyes


Another core tip I will give you is to ensure your brows frame your eyes. Eyebrows give your face character and help set the angles for the rest of your makeup structure. Make sure you have shaped and filled in your eyebrows with a pencil or shadow in a way that works for your bone structure and eye shape. 


Match Up!


Last, but not least, a great, quick, and easy way to get a healthy glow is to match your lip color to your cheeks. One of my favorite ways to add healthy, sexy, and pretty color to my face is to dab whatever lipstick I’m wearing onto the cheekbones and tip of my nose. Unless, of course, your lipstick is a long-wearing, matte shade. If that’s the case, opt for a blush palette or cheek tint you love.

Find Your Makeup Colors


If you want to discover the best colors and shades for your makeup palette, makeup counters at places like Sephora use special technology to help find makeup colors that work best for your skin tone. However, if you want to discover your unique, fool-proof, completely personalized color foundation, check out ByFerial’s Universal 4×4 color system → [CLICK HERE]. This groundbreaking realm of color analysis will help you discover how to combine makeup and fashion colors and learn techniques to look young, healthy, and vibrant while enhancing your natural beauty. 


Take The Next Step


Want to help other women become successful, confident, and beautiful? If you truly want to make an impact, you need to reach more people, and get access to the right business tools, training, and community support with ByFerial’s business training and coaching program Empower Group —> [CLICK HERE] & TRY 1 WEEK ABSOLUTELY FREE! You’ll walk away with a business strategy and supportive community that can help you reach more people, make a bigger impact, and break free from a mindset that is holding you back from success!




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