How to Flaunt Your Finest Features: Dress to Flatter Your Figure

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“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace

Diversity and body size inclusivity are slowly changing the deeply entrenched fashion narrative that for the longest time, favored skinny, long-legged models with light skin and sharp features. 

Although there’s still a long way to go, society is pushing back against unrealistic beauty standards and accepting bodies that are diverse in size and shape – and should be celebrated for their unique attributes.

While the demands on our bodies have not slowed, more and more people are dressing to accentuate their unique body shapes.


This post will teach you how to enhance your body’s positive features and draw attention to the aspects you love most.

How to Wear Clothes that Flatter Your Figure

You can use fashion to create curves, highlight your assets, and make a statement, regardless of your body size. 


Accentuate Your Waist 

Whether you’re looking to slim down and create a more tailored silhouette or to emphasize your curves, the waist is an essential part that can transform your entire look.

To accentuate your waist: 

  • Wear a belt that cinches in at the waist over a jacket, blouse, or dress.
  • Pair a muted-colored top with a darker skirt or pants to create a bold look. 
  • Draw attention to your waist by wearing dresses with side ties, draping material, or a low dip in the middle. 

Tip: Avoid baggy clothing, formless tunics, A-lines, and untucked tops that hide your figure. 

Flaunt Your Legs

From the classic mini skirt of the 1960s to the daring thigh-high boots of the 2000s, fashion designers have constantly found ways to incorporate legs into their designs. With the right pair of shoes, your legs can easily be the centerpiece of your outfit.

To emphasize your legs: 

  • Try high-waisted pants to elongate the lower half of your body. Tucking in shirts or blouses further amplifies this illusion.
  • Combine sheer or opaque tights with slimming pencil skirts that hit the knee.  
  • Wear heels for extra height – your legs will instantly look more toned!

Show-off Your Arms

No matter what look you go for, the key is ensuring it suits your body shape and gives you a sense of self-assurance. Dressing to emphasize your arms is a great way to show off your physique.

To flaunt your arms:

  • Experiment with sleeveless tops and vests to lengthen your arms and racer-back tanks to define your shoulders.
  • Scooped necklines broaden your shoulders, while v-necks make your arms look slimmer. 
  • Wear large and colorful patterns to emphasize your upper arms. 

Tip: Don’t add unwanted weight will bell sleeves, peasant blouses, or chunky sweaters.

Emphasize Your Bust

Cleavage draws attention to the body and accentuates curves. Whether you show off your curves or keep them under wraps, make sure it’s a decision that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

To shape your décolletage wear: 

  • V-neck tops extend the line of your neck and create more balanced proportions, especially for those with a larger bust.
  • Square necklines also accentuate the décolletage and collarbone regions without revealing too much cleavage.
  • Remember that exposing collarbones can sometimes be just as sexy, if not sexier, than the bust! 

Tip: Refrain from garments that create a shapeless and bulky top, cloaks your bust line, or hit above the collarbone, like high necklines and turtlenecks. 

Enhance Your Curves

Now, more than ever, women are proud of their bodies and are unafraid to show off their curves – partly due to the rise of body positivity and the increasing acceptance of curves.

To accentuate your curves: 

  • Choose fabrics with structure, such as cotton blends and wool blends, to dress your curves. The stretch in these materials conforms to your shape and moves with you.
  • A high-waisted waistband and tucked-in top will immediately make your waistline appear slimmer and your silhouette curvier.
  • Opt for broad-shouldered jackets, go all-out on shoulder pads, and wear angular shirts and stylish, edgy-sleeved tops to accentuate your shoulders and ensure a balanced look.

Tip: Steer clear of pants with flap back pockets and long blouses that hide your curves.

Become an Image Expert 

By now, you should better understand how to accentuate different body parts. Whether you have an hourglass, straight, pear or apple figure, you can find clothing to enhance your best features.

Feel free to experiment with different cuts and silhouettes to find the right fit for your body. As long as you stay mindful of where the eyes are drawn to and pick clothing that is the right size and style, YOU CAN CREATE AN EYE-CATCHING AND FASHION FORWARD LOOK!

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